Modern Heart and Vascular Institute's Article About COVID-19's Effect On The Heart

August 11, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Modern Heart and Vascular Institute recently published an article talk about how COVID-19 affects the heart. The article begins with a brief summary of the virus that is significantly prevalent during this time. It talks about the symptoms that arise from having the virus and continues on to talk specifically how it affects the human body's cardiovascular system. The article begins, "With the death rate just above 5.5%, the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has shaken the world. The Coronavirus is a spectral virus with mild to deadly symptoms that can happen to any age group and gender."

The second paragraph goes on to detail information about the lung and respiratory system and how that affects the human's heart. With cardiovascular disease being the leading cause of death, it is imperative that people stay up-to-date on how the virus can affect heart health.

The article goes on to talk about arrhythmias, heart failure, and pulmonary embolisms. All of these can lead to cardiac damage and COVID-19 (coronavirus) affects them all.

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The author of the article is Yesh Dhruva.

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