Active Directory Change Monitor Will Keep Your Team on Target

September 09, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Olathe, KS In our era of lockdowns and remote employment, Power Admin's Active Directory Change Monitor is more useful than ever as a management solution that businesses can rely on to monitor their workforce and safeguard their Windows domain networks. Keeping the Active Directory (AD) properly organized and free from unauthorized activity is a vital part of any company's cybersecurity strategy. With the Active Directory Change Monitor, businesses have the tools they need to ensure that this directory service can function optimally and track user activity.

The Active Directory Change Monitor works by continuously tracking AD activity and recording any changes in an object-user, group, etc.-to a database. This network activity monitor can be configured to transmit an alert when an object is changed, created, or deleted; it can also generate historical reports that allow the user to examine the history of recorded changes. The user has the option to monitor only standard, common attributes, or to select the "verbose alerting" function to track obscure attributes as well.

These capabilities allow the company to detect a wide range of activity, including possible intrusions from threat actors. For example, if a large number of new AD user accounts suddenly appear or existing ones unexplainably resume activity after having been long abandoned, these events will trigger an alert. This kind of Active Directory change monitoring helps thwart unauthorized activity from employees and other entities that, intentionally or not, can create a security risk.

The Active Directory Change Monitor is one of the many features found within the PA Server Monitor, Power Admin's flagship product that enables businesses to track memory usage, ping response, Windows Event Logs, and much else. Power Admin also distributes several other monitoring solutions: PA File Sight, which is used by a number of organizations to aid in HIPAA and PCI compliance, and PA Storage Monitor.

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