Ghosal Ventures Invests in Deepsync Technologies through Anicut Angel Fund

September 17, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Ghosal Ventures announced today that it will be making an initial investment in Deepsync Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi, India startup, focused on AI (Artificial Intelligence) synthesized audio production.

Deepsync is a deep tech startup that uses cutting edge machine learning to clone human voices.
Using their platform, the user can record sample audio, then convert textual content to produce audio output. In a nutshell, it helps the large developers, producers and voice artists build content much faster compared to the traditional way of recording in a studio while reducing the costs and time significantly.

"Our product cuts down costs associated with podcasting and audio book production which
require time and capital to create audio content," said Ishan Sharma, CEO for Deepsync. "Using our platform, an organization can simply use existing pre-recorded samples of voice artists and keep on creating new content without the need of that artist."

The textual content can be in written format, currently in English or Hindi, which the user wants to convert to audio to build podcasts, audio books, voice assistants or any long form of voice content. The platform then takes the text as input along with a voice sample of at least 20 hours, and their engine then clones the voice taking into consideration the user's accent, dialect and speaking mannerisms to provide the cloned version of the user's voice which is indistinguishable from the original.

"AI generated voice is now an integral part of everyday life and the demand for content is significant" said Anjan Ghosal, Managing Director for Ghosal Ventures. "The Deepsync product offers a combination of high quality, rapid production and reasonable cost, exactly what the market needs."

Ghosal Ventures is providing an angel round of funding as a lead investor, invested through Anicut Angel Fund, along with other angel investors. Funds raised total nearly US$300,000.

"Deepsync already has a functioning product with clients onboard" added Mr. Ghosal. "Our goal is to take them to the next level, expand the development of the platform and broaden their market scope."

About Deepsync Technologies (
Deepsync Technologies uses AI to make audio production 10x better to meet the demand of high-quality content in multiple languages. Once cloned, the platform can create high quality audio content at 90% less time and cost. The company, based in Delhi India, was founded by Ishan Sharma (CEO) and Rishikesh K (CTO). Sharma has extensive experience in business and strategy, having worked for Rocketium and Hackmind. Rishikesh has significant expertise in Deep Learning coming from Humonics and Nucleus.

About Ghosal Ventures (
Ghosal Ventures is a boutique angel investment firm that focuses on early stage cutting edge technology firms with committed founders and a demonstrated market validation of their product through early adopter customers. Primary focus areas are companies that leverage new technologies like AI/ML to disrupt traditional business models leading to operational efficiencies and top line growth. Currently actively seeking startups that need technical guidance and early stage seed capital to drive growth. Primary investment geographies include India and the US. Its founder, Anjan Ghosal, has extensive experience in telecommunications core software having started companies with a successful exit.

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