Even with COVID-19, Sunset Equity Announces Now Is the Time to Invest in Real Estate

September 22, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Culver City, CA Sunset specializes in non-owner-occupied property which is business purpose in nature for fix and flip, new construction of single family and multifamily loans. Sunset provides loans up to 8 million. Sunset Equity is excited to share that even with COVID-19, now is the time to invest in the residential real estate market because of artificial panic selling. The residential real estate market is still performing well despite the pandemic.

One reason the residential real estate market is thriving is because many people in larger cities are looking for homes in outlying suburbs and rural areas away from crowded cities and apartments. People are wanting larger spaces to enjoy safely since they are spending more time at home. Families are also looking for homes with backyards for their kids to play safely outdoors.

A key factor that is driving the real estate market is low interest rates. Lower interest rates mean that people are more likely to take the plunge and become first-time home buyers. There is no indication that interest rates will be increasing anytime soon either.

As a result, lower interest rates help keep the residential real estate market stable. People will always need somewhere to live. With more people wanting larger living spaces to spread out and be able to enjoy the outdoors safely, sales of residential homes will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Not to mention, rental rates have been skyrocketing over the past several years and investing in a home allows people to reduce their monthly housing payment, sometimes by as much as a thousand dollars or more!

As a mortgage investment lender, Sunset Equity knows now is the perfect time for potential investors to take advantage of the low interest rates and invest in residential homes, like rehab homes.

Rehab homes are those homes you see on home improvement shows on TV, where they go in and do a complete renovation and then sell the home for more than they paid, earning a profit on the sale of the home. These types of properties are also referred to as fix and flip homes.

There are plenty of great investment opportunities on the market right now that would be ideal investments for people looking for alternative income sources. In addition, residential real estate markets are fairly stable and could provide ongoing income, even in cases where one has been furloughed or let go from their current employer due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Sunset Equity makes it easy to obtain a real estate investment mortgage on fix and flip homes. There is minimal documentation required, unlike conventional mortgages. No proof of income is required either. Loan rates start at 7.49% for fix and flip homes, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, apartment homes, and mixed-use properties.

There are no principal payments required for the loan period, just monthly interest payments. There are no prepayment penalties if one decides to make monthly principal payments as well. Furthermore, loan periods are up to 24 months, allowing plenty of time to fix and flip the property.

For further information about Sunset Equity and their fix and flip and bridge and cash out real estate investment loans, please feel free to visit their official website at www.sunsetequityfunding.com or call 866-291-3412 to speak with a representative today!

About Sunset Equity

Culver City-based Sunset Equity is a direct, nationwide private hard money lender for residential and commercial investment properties. The private lender offers real estate investment loans in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and throughout California. Additionally, the lender can underwrite loans in any state in the United States, except Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York, and New Jersey.

One of the lender's most popular loans is their fix and flip mortgage. This mortgage is ideally suited for investors that want to purchase rehab homes, fix them up, and then sell them to earn a profit. Other types of mortgages offered by Sunset Equity include bridge and cash out loans as well as construction loans.

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