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October 05, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Bestnetart Artgallery is an Artgallery specializing in small size limited edition art prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. We have art from more than 20 countries and cultures spanning from Hawaii and Nepal to Mexico and many countries in Europe.

We now present you with a small selection of varied art by artist represented by our gallery: Benson Seto from Hawaii, Keshav Malla from Nepal, Alonso de Alba Bessonnier from Mexico, Rolf Weijburg from Holland, and Hristo Kerin from Bulgaria. These are all excellent artists representing 5 different countries and cultures.

"You can clearly see how the cultural background of the artist is reflected in the art they produce" says the gallery owner Magnus Segercrantz. And continues: "It may not be clearly identified at a start but just think of sunny beaches and green vegetation in Hawaii, Aztec stone engravings in central America, the use of form and color in Nepalese cloth, the world travelers from Holland's past and the art craftsmanship in Bulgaria".

Benson Seto is from Hawaii, and sadly he passed away 2005. He specialized in naive etchings which he hand-colored using a multitude of colors and materials, such as metallic paint, ink, acrylic paint, glitter etc. His art is very imaginative, happy and colorful.

Keshav Malla is from Nepal and now living and working in Paris, France. He makes screen prints/serigraphs with color and patterns originating from Nepalese culture and tradition.

Alonso de Alba Bessonnier from Mexico, born in 1938, makes stunningly modern art but with clear traditions from the stonework of the ancient Aztec culture. Fantastic simple looking compositions with relief printing making them stunning in right lightning conditions.

Rolf Weijburg is a Dutch artist born in 19952. To travel is an integral part of his work, providing him with an endless form of inspiration for his colorful prints from all around the world. The prints include a mixture of people and places, plants, animals, landscapes and architecture.

Hristo Kerin, born in 1966 is from Bulgaria. He represents the excellent craftsmanship and print traditions of the Central European countries. Lovely and mysterious female figures, ex-libris prints and a subdued color scheme are his trademarks.

Lovely and varied art, all available at wherever you are. The art is available on-line 24 hours each day all year around. Art prints are very affordable and easy to buy, and safe to deliver by mail all around the world.
You can visit us at any time of the day.

Bestnetart Artgallery is an on-line Artgallery specializing in limited edition art prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. The artist are:

Gennady Vial (Belarus)
Hristo Kerin (Bulgaria)
Dimo Kolibarov (Bulgaria
Peter Velikov (Bulgaria)
Aavo Ermel (Estonia)
Mildebergius (Estonia)
Maarit Kontiainen (Finland)
Kristiina Lehtonen (Finland)
Heli Mäkinen (Finland)
Raili Tala (Finland)
Juha Tammenpää (Finland)
Alain Soucasse (France)
Erhard Beitz (Germany)
Norbert Salzwedel Germany)
George Krallis (Greece and Sweden)
Harry Agema (Holland)
Rolf Weijburg (Holland)
Noriaki Kondoh (Japan)
Alonso de Alba Bessonnier (Mexico).
Keshav Malla (Nepal and France)
Adrian Sandu (Romania)
Katarina Vavrová (Slovakia)
Bo Cronqvist (Sweden)
Elizabeth Tyler (UK and Sweden)
Ruslan Agirba (Ukraine)
Benson Seto (USA, Hawaii)

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