New Free Aircraft & Systems Development Certification Technical Whitepaper for ARP4754A / ED-79A from AFuzion

October 11, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
ARP4754A (ED-79A in Europe) is now mandatory for all new aircraft and avionics systems, requiring 8 Plans and proof of conformance. Accompanied by ARP4761 aircraft and systems safety assessment, ARP4754A helps to ensure aircraft and systems conform to applicable guidelines and standards. AFuzion's ARP4754A / ED-79A Introduction technical whitepaper can be downloaded freely here: (click here to download ARP4754A PDF whitepaper)

ARP4754A is officially titled "Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft And Systems." It covers the development cycle for aircraft and avionics systems. Rarely can one judge a book by its cover or title; however, in this case, the title literally conveys a powerful message: if you are involved with development of aircraft or systems, you should be well versed in ARP4754A's 'guidelines.

Says Jack Jones, AFuzion ARP4754A senior engineer: "AFuzion's expertise in ARP4754A and ED-79 has been deployed at over 40 clients where AFuzion developed ARP4754A compliant architectures and provided mentoring in ARP4754A. 30 of those clients use AFuzion's ARP4754A Planning Templates and ARP4754A checklists meaning over 750 engineers worldwide rely on them. AFuzion's ARP4754A framework is very cost-effective and covers all eight key ARP4754A topics:
  • Safety Planning
  • Requirements Management
  • Process Assurance
  • Configuration Management
  • Development
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Certification

  • AFuzion's ARP4754A training and ED-79 training classes have been provided to over 2,600 engineers worldwide in both public, private and remote ARP4754A training formats for beginners, intermediate, and advanced ARP4754A learning students. Information on AFuzion's ARP4754A training courses is available by clicking here.

    AFuzion's worldwide ARP4754A expertise is well known and all the major aviation conferences and aviation groups rely solely upon AFuzion to provide services and training including Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), Aviation Electronics Europe (AEE), Electronic Valley, and the publisher of ARP4754A, SAE itself (Society of Automotive and Aerospace Engineers).

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