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October 22, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Apples of Gold: Voices from the Past That Speak to Us Now, a new book by M.E. Boyd, was recently published.

Apples of Gold: Voices from the Past That Speak to Us Now is the story of America from the landing of the Mayflower to World War I. It is a sketch of American history through the eyes of some of the participants and their observations through original quotes. How did we come to have the culture we have that integrates so beautifully with the missions of the Founding documents that we still honor today? Who were the quiet influencers that guided our paths or threw us into the abyss of mistakes? America came into its own after the American Revolution and the philosophy that strongly guides our system is the Scottish Enlightenment. Soon, however, we were taken downstream into Romanticism and then the German Ideologies. The book stops at World War I as the significant demarcation line in our history. Miss Boyd recognizes the contributions of all points of view and presents guidance from our history that might light our way into the future.

"Boyd has written the most readable book about the story of America that has been published in years…Apples of Gold will now be at my right hand and will be used quite often as a guide to my readings of American history. A must-read for all." – Richard Spencer, The Cape Gazette

About the Author
M. E. Boyd is an attorney that specializes in issues regarding the United States Constitution and Founding documents. In addition to private practice she has taught Business, Education, and Constitutional Law. Miss Boyd has also served as a political consultant and appeared on radio and television regarding Constitutional issues. Two issues are of great significance to her: 1) non-ideological civics, economics, philosophy, and American history education beginning in the first through the twelfth grades for all schools and 2) character and financial literacy education beginning in pre-school and delivered through a variety of pre and after-school programs. Miss Boyd is the President of the Kynder & Jentler Foundation, Inc., that seeks to help children develop traits that can dovetail into their personal prosperity through books, dolls, puppets, music, and a one-day Kamp Kynder & Jentler, that introduces children to art and music education and enriching experiences that motivate their character development and future success.

Visit the author's website at https://www.missconstitution.com.

You can purchase Apples of Gold: Voices from the Past That Speak to Us Now at Amazon.com. It is available in paperback, Kindle eBook, and audiobook.

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