Reconnect with Real-Life Thanks to new app Spotty Time – Available Exclusively for Android

November 04, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
If there's one thing smartphone users can agree on, it's that they spend too much time on their palm-size computers. But now with the new app called Spotty Time, screen-time addicts can carve out some blissful down-time on their devices by disabling all other apps, while retaining access to telephone communications. Once the time period for down-time is set, it's irreversible (short of deleting the app), so users don't have to rely on willpower. And there's a reward built in too: for every minute they're offline, users earn credits which they can spend with Spotty Time's gamified incentive tool. Spotty Time is available exclusively for Android on Google Play.

"Parental control without control it's fun and great for adults too!" Although it's useful for all ages, Spotty Time is obviously a great way for parents to reign in their kids' phone use by presetting recurring down-time blocks up to a week in advance. Because down-time periods are impossible to stop or reduce once they're set, down-time blocks may only be done in 3-hour increments to avoid accidentally locking down for longer than desired. However, those three hours may be set back-to-back with no limitation.

While building good habits and enjoying offline experiences, with each block of down-time the user garners more points and reveals an additional section of a picture featuring a character doing various offline activities such as bike riding, visiting with friends, hiking, and so forth. Each revealed block advances a narrative, and with their points, users can customize the character in various ways.

"Spotty Time will help users take back their lives from the smartphone tether," says the Spotty Time developers, "By turning a smartphone back into simply a telephone by eliminating app options, people can slow down a bit and learn to reconnect with real-life."

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