Louisville-Based Family Counseling Center, Creative Family Counseling, Announces Release of Six Part Video Series: Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package

November 10, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
When Creative Family Counseling closed their doors as coronavirus swept through the United States, the team of therapists led by Lacey Ryan LMFT did not let that stop them from continuing their work. Instead, the team regrouped and spent their time in lockdown working together, while remaining physically distanced, on a new approach to therapy that involved HIPAA compliant telehealth sessions, continuing to expand the practice by hiring new therapists with different backgrounds, and much more. One of the newest therapeutic services to come from Creative Family Counseling is a six-part video series, the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package, which is now available on Creative Family Counseling's website for a discounted price of $199.

The team at Creative Family Counseling started creating the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package video series with one audience in mind: parents looking for new and more effective parenting techniques. And that included quite a few of them. When asked why Creative Family Counseling decided to release the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package, Lacey Ryan LMFT explains: "​Positive Discipline is usually taught to parents at in-person Parent Workshops, where parents participate in experiential learning of the Positive Discipline tools with role plays and in group activities. We had two spring parenting workshops we had to cancel due to the need for social distance. As the summer progressed, it became clear that we would not be able to offer our in-person Parent Workshops safely for quite some time. Many of us on the CFC team are parents ourselves, and we've all been juggling working from home with no childcare and some of us providing at-home learning for our children. At first, we considered offering Online Parenting Workshops but recognized the limits of parents being able to fit 'one more thing' into their schedules at home. Since we have felt this strain on ourselves, having very little (if any) downtime or time for learning (whether that be for personal enjoyment or for professional or parenting reasons), we all came to the conclusion that a self-paced program would best suit our population's needs."

This broad demographic that the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package targets include first-time parents, parents who find themselves yelling more than talking, parents who feel they've tried everything to no avail, and parents who are looking to raise their children in a home that is more peaceful and calm than chaotic. The six-video series is a wonderful asset for any parent looking to nourish and grow their relationship with their child while keeping the lines of communication open and providing their family with much-needed structure.

A lot of parents may be asking, what is Positive Discipline? The Positive Discipline approach to parenting is founded on the basis of mutual respect between adults and children. It teaches parents, educators, and other adult figures to use a combination of kindness and firmness when disciplining children. Developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen, the Positive Discipline program was created to teach young people to become responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their communities by acknowledging their desire to feel connected and also like they are contributors.

Dr. Jane Nelsen, the founder of the Positive Discipline approach, outlines the following five points of criteria for effective discipline:
1. It helps children to feel a sense of belonging and significance through connection.
2. Children feel mutually respected and encouraged through kind, but firm disciplinary tactics.
3. The approach is effective for the long term as it considers what the young person is thinking, feeling, learning, and deciding in their world.
4. Children learn important life skills and so</li>cial skills to contribute to the home, school, and the larger community.
5. It encourages children to use their personal autonomy to discover how capable they are in the future.

With those criteria in mind, the team of therapists at Creative Family Counseling created the six-part video series The Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package. The package is available for a one time charge of $199 and works in the following ways.

After purchasing the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package, and the Positive Discipline Workbook which is available through a separate purchase link, parents will receive six interactional videos. The videos include education and guidance through a variety of experiential parenting activities that are rooted in the Positive Discipline method. While watching the six-video series, those participating will be able to identify new ways to relate to their children and adopt several new parenting tools that can be implemented in their day-to-day lives immediately. The entire package takes approximately four hours to work through at a relatively leisurely pace. Even if participants only have half an hour a day to take the time to watch the videos and learn these new tools, they will start to notice an overall positive effect on their family life.

To get started with the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting Package, follow this link to purchase the video series directly from Creative Family Counseling. A separate purchase link is available on the page so that parents can also purchase the workbook that is available through https://www.positivediscipline.com/. Once purchased, participants will receive an email that will deliver all six video downloads directly to their inbox so that they can begin working through the Positive Discipline Foundational Parenting package at their own pace. This is the first of many video packages that Creative Family Counseling has plans to release. When asked what other programs she and her team plan to release, Lacey Ryan said, "​We called this particular package our 'Foundational Parenting Package' because it really does cover the foundation of the entire Positive Discipline curriculum and philosophy of parenting. We hope to add more 'a-la-carte' videos in the future-focused on certain parenting challenges, such as bedtime troubles, healthy limitations on technology use, and more."

Lacey Ryan LMFT, and her team of therapists at Creative Family Counseling, are available for parents who have questions about the program or trouble accessing the videos after purchase. The Creative Family Counseling team can be contacted through the form on their website or by calling 502-709-0410. Those interested in staying in touch with Creative Family Counseling and staying up-to-date on new video package releases and other developments at Creative Family Counseling can subscribe to the practice's newsletter on their website.

About Creative Family Counseling
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Creative Family Counseling, founded by Lacey Ryan LMFT in early 2019, consists of a group of therapists who share like-minded approaches to working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. The team specializes in a variety of therapeutic offerings including therapy for kids, teens, adults, couples, families, and more. Regardless of the type of therapy that a client is looking for, the team at Creative Family Counseling is trained to equip clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to find effective solutions to their own problems while encouraging growth and personal healing through their work. For more information on this practice, the staff, and the services offered including specialty areas, visit the Creative Family Counseling website today.

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