Getting Tough on Spyware: This New Approach to Spyware Detection is Free and Catches ‘em All.

February 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February, 2005 – Imagine for a moment, a free spyware blocker that catches all spyware, performs a full spyware scan in under 5 seconds, and doesn’t depend on spyware definition updates. Sound too good to be true? We say it is, so you better keep reading.

This month StartGuard Software,, announces the release of StartGuard 2.0, a freeware tool designed to halt spyware before it has a chance load itself onto a user’s PC. StartGuard uses an entirely different method of detecting spyware from most anti-spyware tools. Instead of cross-checking every installed program with a database of spyware definitions, StartGuard scans every possible entry point spyware uses to infect a system an alerts the user when possible threats are found. The user may then approve, deny, or remove the program. One might think of StartGuard as a “program firewall”.

Some key features of StartGuard include Startup Protection, which automatically conducts a full system scan before Windows loads, and an "immunization" feature, which blocks access to more than 10,000 sources of spyware, adware, Internet advertisements, tracking cookies, popups, and other threats and annoyances from ever being loaded or installed.

To cover the cost of supporting the free edition of StartGuard, users may upgrade to StartGuard Professional Edition for $19.95 to take advantage of extra benefits such as Real-time protection and tech support.

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