New App HomePage; Finally a Smart Contact List for Your Smart Phone

November 25, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Some of the phrases that new technology has made obsolete include "Send me a fax," "You sound like a broken record," and thanks to the new app called HomePage "Save my new number," and "Here's my business card," can be added to that list. Unchanged since the days of flip phones, HomePage reverses the paradigm of the contact list. Instead of individuals maintaining and manually updating contacts in their phone, each contact updates their personal info which is stored on the HomePage cloud, accessible to approved friends, family, and acquaintances.

HomePage is a communication app, with always up-to-date contact info, allowing users the ability to call, email and message from within the app. The app makes connecting quicker and easier than ever before by generating a unique and permanent QR code for each user, so a full set of contact info can be shared instantly, whether physically in the room or not. This makes HomePage a great marketing tool by adding QR codes to things like promotional items, posters, print media, or even non-physical areas such as the signature block of an email or on social media pages.

This app is especially useful for anyone who exchanges contact information routinely as part of their job or for networking. "You're not connecting when you hand out a business card, you're not even really networking; you're just wasting paper," said HomePage CEO J. Cleverly. "Users can be confident that regardless of how much time has elapsed, job changes, name changes or new email address, they will always be able to connect with that person they met."

For security and user-control, HomePage organizes contacts into two tiers, "CONTACT" and "CONNECTION." CONNECTIONS are the more personal level, allowing full access to the data, while CONTACTS are for limited access. HomePage also functions as a closed-group social media platform, allowing users to post photos, videos, and updates only for their most personal connections to view rather than the entire world. Users may input as much or as little info to their "MyCard" as they would like, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, websites, bios, YouTube channels, and so forth. As a public entity, business accounts automatically share their full info with all HomePage members.

At its core, HomePage is a real-time phone book that encompasses all the ways people communicate and connect in the 21st Century. It addresses needs existing technology could not answer.

To download HomePage, visit the App Store, Google Play, or through the website at

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