PhaZZer Unveils Newest Less-Lethal Weapon for D.O.C.

December 01, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The PhaZZer FORCE™

Sheridan, Wyoming – A respected manufacturer of less-lethal weaponry for the law enforcement sector, PhaZZer® is proud to announce the release of its latest creation, The PhaZZer FORCE™ Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW). This newly launched CEW comes in an attractive coyote brown color and has been produced at the request of the Department of Corrections (DOC). It is well suited for field use by other law enforcement professionals as well as the private security sector.

The PhaZZer FORCE™ includes a number of features that improve its functionality and safety, such as:
  • The Patented Safety Shut Down Circuit Technology™ – The PhaZZer FORCE™ will shut itself down every five seconds so the operator can assess if additional force is reasonable and necessary. After three consecutive five-second pulse train discharges, the unit will shut down completely, bringing a mental awareness to the operator that he has reached the maximum recommended exposure to the human body of 15 seconds. This 15 second rule follows the recommended guidelines from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and other primary medical studies. If additional force is necessary, the shutdown can be overridden by recycling the safety switch. This technology was initially implemented in the PhaZZer Enforcer™ CEW and claims a zero reported fatality record to date; a powerful statistic when compared to the 1,081 deaths involving tasers that have been reported by Reuters.
  • 4½-foot Retractable Circuit Disconnect Ripcord / Lanyard – This safety feature was designed to deactivate the circuit of the PhaZZer FORCE™ and render the weapon inoperable should the weapon be forcibly removed from the user by the prisoner or perpetrator.

  • The PhaZZer FORCE™ is constructed of an ABS high-impact polymer plastic housing to ensure a high level of durability and a lack of conductivity. In addition, the PhaZZer FORCE™ includes high intensity, 160 lm LED light, an AC adapter, a 7.4 V Lithium Ion replaceable, rechargeable battery magazine, and a standard one-year warranty (with extended warranties available).

    The PhaZZer FORCE™ joins PhaZZer's constantly growing catalog of less-lethal weapons, like the PhaZZer Enforcer™ CEW, the EqualiZZer Air Carbine Rifle™, and single shot dart cartridges that are cross compatible with some TASER® brand devices. PhaZZer® also offers a selection of security accessories, holsters, and both in-class and online Training Certification Classes.

    No background check is required to purchase any of the PhaZZer® less lethal weapons except where mandated by law. Like all PhaZZer® products, the PhaZZer FORCE™ is operational upon delivery.

    To learn more about PhaZZer's less-lethal weapons and related accessories, please visit the company's website at

    About the PhaZZer™ Brand
    Originating in 2007, PhaZZer® is a leading OEM of less-lethal weapons, security accessories, and surveillance equipment for Law Enforcement, Government, Private Security, and the Civilian Markets. The company also offers training certification classes to encourage the appropriate use of its weapons.

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