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November 30, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Quality and beautiful art-prints by contemporary artists from Finland by Bestnetart Artgallery is the theme of this press release.

BestNetArt Artgallery is an Artgallery specializing in small size limited edition art-prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. We have art from more than 20 countries and cultures spanning from Hawaii and Nepal to Mexico and many countries in Europe. Here you can find a selection of art-prints from Finland by artist represented by our gallery.

Juha Tammenpää, Kristiina Lehtonen, Raili Taala, Maarit Kontiainen and Heli A Mäkinen

These are all excellent artists representing 5 different ways of expressing what Finland is all about. "Art can be an excellent way to express deep feelings and inner thoughts" says the gallery owner Magnus Segercrantz. And continues: "The artwork can at the same time be extraordinarily strong, powerful and at the same time extremely beautiful. Each viewer can see different things in the artwork, and feel the image differently from one day to another depending on the mood that day or moment".

"The art of Juha Tammenpää is just so strong in symbolism and mystique. In the art of Kristiina Lehtonen there is always a deeper though behind the seemingly straight forward beautiful picture. Raili Tala makes beautiful silk paintings, Maarit Kontiainen is an expert in combining etching and hand painted aquarelle and Heli A Mäkinen shows the life in rural Finland."

Juha Tammenpää is a highly recognised and probably the artist with the broadest international exhibition list of any artist at The art is full of Finnish folklore, symbolism and mystique you can imagine. You cannot get tired from a Tammenpää print, they just have so many details and layers of stories.

Kristiina Lehtonen is such a gifted printmaker. The craftmanship is extraordinary and the art does not leave you untouched. The prints are so beautiful and colourful, and there is always a twist, a sense of humour, in the print and in the name of the print. A perfect gift for the right person and for the right occasion.

Raili Tala makes hand-painted pictures on silk. The texture can be seen and felt in the pictures. The motives are calm and relaxing, snowmen, spring birches, angels, flowers. What is there not to like in her paintings.

Maarit Kontiainen makes etchings which are hand painted by aquarelle making each print its own original. We have a small selection of maritime related prints. Her prints are excellent gifts for anyone with a country house near the see or lake. The beauty in the prints are in the rough feeling of the motive, and not in the exact depiction of all details.

Heli A Mäkinen comes from a small city in Finland called Vammala. The inspirations for the artwork clearly come from living in a rural area. You can find the harsh and wild nature, life in small villages, farm animals and wedding celebrations etc in her prints. The beauty is not in the detail, but in the feeling.

Lovely and varied art, all available at wherever you are. The art is available on-line 24 hours each day all year around. Art prints are very affordable and easy to buy, and safe to deliver by mail all around the world.

You can visit us at is an on-line Artgallery specializing in limited edition art prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. The artist by country are:

Belarus; Gennady Vial
Bulgaria; Hristo Kerin, Dimo Kolibarov, Peter Velikov
Estonia: Aavo Ermel, Mildebergius
Finland: Maarit Kontiainen, Kristiina Lehtonen, Heli Mäkinen, Raili Tala, Juha Tammenpää
France: Alain Soucasse
Germany: Erhard Beitz. Norbert Salzwedel
Greece and Sweden: George Krallis
Holland: Harry Agema, Rolf Weijburg
Japan: Noriaki Kondoh
Mexico: Alonso de Alba Bessonnier
Nepal and France: Keshav Malla
Romania: Adrian Sandu
Slovakia: Katarina Vavrová
Sweden: Bo Cronqvist and Elizabeth Tyler (UK and Sweden)
Ukraine: Ruslan Agirba
USA, Hawaii: Benson Seto

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