Improving students' home learning experience by enabling focused schoolwork, Hertz Furniture has created new Learn @ Home sets

December 02, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
With the challenge of remote learning continuing in late 2020 and extending into 2021, we need to support our children and students by giving them a dedicated and effective place to learn at home. Parents and teachers are united in facing this challenge, each with their own perspective.

For parents, having kids tying up the kitchen table, taking over the home office space, or sprawling out over the floor while they Zoom or do their homework has become the daily routine. Kids doing schoolwork on their bed or at the dining room table is less than optimal. Writing while lounging on a bed or the floor is bad for their posture, back, focus, and probably their grades too.

For teachers and educators, having their students curled up in bed as they learn, or in discomfort due to a less than optimal setup, is extremely discouraging and demanding. Teachers are indeed seeing strange spaces while teaching on Zoom.

With all of these challenges in mind, Hertz Furniture has created colorful, new Learn @ Home sets comprised of adjustable height, open front desks packaged with Squircle active seating stools for fun, healthy, and focused learning for students of all ages.

"When the pandemic first started, home learning seemed like it would be a very temporary measure. But now it's clear that children will need to learn remotely, probably on and off again, for some time," said David Mocton, President of Hertz Furniture. "With so many distractions in place at home, it became vitally important to enable an environment of focused schoolwork. This will be a huge benefit, not only to the students but also to parents and teachers."

Mr. Mocton added: "We love the idea of pairing this desk with a Squircle stool, which can provide healthy movement. The active stool has an angled base which promotes continuous action and is also tip-resistant. This lets the child get their energy out, relax their body, and allow them to have better focus, whether they're in elementary, middle, or high school. And the colors and sizes mean there something to fit every student and every room."

To get the ball rolling and introduce the newly created Learn @ Home Sets, Hertz Furniture is giving away 5 sets on Instagram. Enter here. Giveaway ends on Dec. 5th at midnight.

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