Always Bearded Lifestyle Joins the Top 1% of All Shopify Stores

December 16, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Barrie, ON - A uniquely Canadian success story is writing its next chapter. Barrie's own Always Bearded Lifestyle (ABL) was recently informed that their growth has landed them in the top 1% of Shopify's 1 million stores.

"I knew that the demand was growing faster than we could keep up. We were so busy that we didn't exactly have a chance to sit down and wonder how we're doing compared to other Shopify stores. So I was a bit taken aback when I was notified," said Sven Hansen, founder of Always Bearded Lifestyle.

Their game-changing product was The Beard Tarp, a unique form of PPE designed just for men with beards. As any man with a substantial beard will tell you, traditional masks barely cover the mouth and nose, while leaving the rest of the beard exposed. It can be extremely time-consuming and annoying to try to stuff a beard into a small mask, only to be uncomfortable and be left with a creased and matted beard when you're done.

This product has clearly resonated with countless men during the pandemic, and Hansen has had to expand his team to keep up with the demand. He went from moving 200 Beard Tarps a month to currently moving over 5,000 units per month.

"Meeting this demand is tough, because we're very committed to staying local. All the materials that go into our products and packaging come from local businesses. It's a challenge, but we're looking to grow even more in the New Year.

Based on their recent growth, ABL now utilizes Shopify, which can help them take their offering and their brand to the next level. Thus far, their growth and inventory financing have been funded by Shopify Capital and Clearbanc.

Their plan is to keep growing online, while expanding their distribution and retail partners in 2021.

About Always Bearded Lifestyle
Founded in 2014, Always Bearded Lifestyle sources, produces and distributes premium all-natural beard care products that aid in skin, hair, and hormonal health. ABL is available in over 350 retailers and through its online store at All Always Bearded Lifestyle House Blend products have been formulated with the help of skin care professionals who specialize in natural personal care products.

Each ABL formula is CertClean certified, North America's leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. All ABL packaging and ingredients are sourced from companies within a 150 KM radius. ABL pledges to stimulate the local economy while keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum.


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