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December 17, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Central and east Europe is the center of traditional printmaking traditions. "The craftsmanship is extraordinary, and this combined with an artistic eye, imagination and passion creates the best there is to get in printmaking" says Magnus Segercrantz, the owner of Bestnetart Artgallery. And he continues; "Here we present you with etchings and engravings by 4 of the best artists, Erhard Beitz, Hristo Kerin, Peter Velikov and Gennady Vial from Germany, Bulgaria and Belarus".
Bestnetart Artgallery is an Artgallery specializing in small size limited edition art-prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. We have art from more than 20 countries and cultures spanning from Hawaii and Nepal to Mexico and many countries in Europe.

Please enjoy our selection of art-prints made by extremely skilled graphic artist represented by our gallery.

Erhard Beitz
The art of the German artist Erhard Beitz can be described as "Fantasy and Details". His prints are full of whimsical fantasy machines, buildings, animals etc. He often takes motives from great master like Salvador Dali, Grant Wood, Rafael or de Chirico, and makes his own interpretation. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. You really should have a magnifying glass nearby to be able to enjoy all the details in a typical "Beitz".

Hristo Kerin
Hristo Kerin is from Bulgaria and he is born in 1966. He works in the field of graphic arts, illustrations and ex-libris. Hristo Kerin has had many solo exhibitions and has successfully taken part in International competitions, biennials and triennials all over the world. The human body, and especially the body of women, intrigues the artist. He is an expert in this field. The prints are extremely well executed and there is always something more than the beautiful body of a woman that catches the eye of the viewer.

Peter Velikov
Peter Velikov is a graphic artist born in 1975 in Bulgaria. He is a world class master in the style and technique of art he makes. He specializes in etching, aquatint and dry point, and it is easy to see that he masters these techniques perfectly. His pictures are like a dream - surrealistic and full of fantasy and detail. Typical elements in a "Velikov" are the airy feel of flying objects, the presence of fish, seahorses and seashells, half-human figures from mythology and the safety of a bird's nest. The artist produces art of masterly proportions and to buy a Velikov is surely a real investment.

Gennady Vial
Gennady Vial is an excellent representative of the extremely high-quality graphic arts tradition in the central and east Europe. His prints, many of which include as main theme a naked human body, are modern and romantic and at the same time surrealistic and nostalgic. Gennady Vial many times finds his inspiration from literature such as Tolstoy, Goethe and Tschechow but also from the mythology and religion. Better etchings of this type are hard to find. Gennady Vial is born in 1958 and lives today in the city of Brest in Belarus.

Here is a short description of different methods used by the artists above to produce beautiful art (more information can be found at
Intaglio is any technique in which an image is incised below the surface of the plate, including dry point, etching, aquatint, engraving, and mezzotint. You can also find the following marking on prints: c1 = steel engraving, c2 = copper engraving, c3 = etching, c4 = drypoint, c5 = aquatint.
Aquatint is an intaglio method in which areas of colour are made by dusting powdered resin on a metal plate and then letting acid eat the plate surface away from around it. Creates a granulated effect.
Dry point is an intaglio technique like engraving in which the image is drawn on a metal plate with a needle, raising a ridge which prints a soft line.
Engraving is an intaglio process in which lines are cut into a metal plate and then filled with ink to transfer the image onto a paper.
Etching is an intaglio process in which an image is scratched through an acid-resistant coating on a metal plate. the plate is then dipped into acid which eats into the exposed surface.

Lovely and varied art, all available at wherever you are. The art is available on-line 24 hours each day all year around. Art prints are very affordable and easy to buy, and safe to deliver by mail all around the world.
You can visit us at is an on-line Artgallery specializing in limited edition art prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. The artist by country are:

Belarus: Gennady Vial
Bulgaria: Hristo Kerin, Dimo Kolibarov, Peter Velikov
Estonia: Aavo Ermel, Mildebergius
Finland: Maarit Kontiainen, Kristiina Lehtonen, Heli Mäkinen, Raili Tala, Juha Tammenpää
France: Alain Soucasse
Germany: Erhard Beitz. Norbert Salzwedel
Greece and Sweden: George Krallis
Holland: Harry Agema, Rolf Weijburg
Japan: Noriaki Kondoh
Mexico: Alonso de Alba Bessonnier
Nepal and France: Keshav Malla
Romania: Adrian Sandu
Slovakia: Katarina Vavrová
Sweden: Bo Cronqvist and Elizabeth Tyler (UK and Sweden)
Ukraine: Ruslan Agirba
USA, Hawaii: Benson Seto

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