Gymnastics School Opens New Rock Climbing Facility

February 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Linclon, R.I. Ocean State School of Gymnastics has announced the opening of an extensive rock climbing facility within the building that houses the already successful gymnastics program.

Ocean State Rock Climbing has opened with excitement and enthusiasm from children and adults who want to try the popular sport, as well as those who already climb but have few opportunities to climb in the R.I. area. The unique climbing wall is large enough for up to 30 climbers at one time.

Anne and Tim Lyons, owners of both the gymnastics school and rock climbing program, said the most important part of both programs is safety.

"Ocean State School of Gymnastics has a 25-year history of quality instruction and safety from highly trained instructors and coaches. We brought that same tradition to our rock climbing business. All our instructors have been trained and safety certified," said Lyons.

Rock climbing is considered by many to be the fastest growing sport in the world, and the demand for a safe, but challenging climbing wall is very high.

Ocean State Rock Climbing offers instruction for all levels of climbing, from first-time beginners to experienced climbing veterans. The facility is also open to experienced climbers who just want to come in and practice their skills without attending a class.

"We have something for everyone. Our climbing wall was expertly designed with the highest quality materials and construction. Up to 30 climbers can use our facility at one time, with climbing abilities of all levels. Different sections of the extensive climbing wall are designed for different degrees of difficulty from the easiest to the most difficult. There is even a bouldering room designed like a cave that the kids really love," said Lyons.

Climbing involves climbing up and down while bouldering is traveling sideways only a few feet off the ground. Bouldering develops rock climbing skills, and is a popular sport as well, according to Lyons.

The large climbing facility is colorful and exciting just to look at. Watching the climbers in action is an attraction in itself.

"Climbing is a great sport for all kids. Not only does it help for physical fitness, it also develops a high level of self-confidence. Once kids begin climbing they develop a strong positive attitude, and a willingness to take on challenges both physical and mental that might have scared them away before they learned to climb. Parents tell us their kids often do better in school after they go climbing," said Lyons.

Ocean State School of Gymnastics has long been established as the most professional, highest quality gymnastics program available. It is obvious that from the moment Ocean State Rock Climbing opened for business the same level of professionalism and quality are the foundation of that program as well.

"There is a lot more to gymnastics or rock climbing programs than just putting equipment in a building and opening the doors. No program can succeed without highly trained instructors who not only know and understand the sport, they have great people skills and understand how to motivate and inspire their students.

"Rock climbers and gymnasts are involved in challenging activities that require the absolute safest environment. We provide that at all times and without cutting any corners," said Lyons.

Both the rock climbing wall and the gymnastics training facility are located at 3 New England Way in Lincoln. The company provides information at a web site at

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