Bestnetart Artgallery welcomes new artists

December 23, 2020 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Bestnetart Artgallery is an Artgallery specializing in small size limited edition art-prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. We exist only as an on-line gallery. We have art from more than 20 countries and cultures spanning from Hawaii and Nepal to Mexico and many countries in Europe. Now we are expanding and aiming to become the most international on-line gallery in the world.

If you are a professional artist looking for new ways to sell you art, Bestnetart Artgallery can be the solution. Please have a look at our selection of art-prints made by our extremely skilled artist represented by our gallery and imagine how your art-prints could look on our gallery's on-line pages.

We concentrate on is an on-line Artgallery specializing in limited edition art prints by contemporary artists from all around the world. We sell art-prints made by all different types of printing techniques. The size of the prints must be such that they can easily be shipped in an envelope. To ship a big print in a tube is too risky. The tube easily gets damaged and the prints get destroyed. Envelopes are safe. To minimize the risk of damages we only deliver our prints as unframed.

Easy for artists to join
Contact us by email at and tell us about yourself and your art. Send us photos showing examples of your style. If we feel your art would suite the style of our gallery, we send you our contract. After signing you deliver the works of art and we put them on-line for the whole world to enjoy and buy. Easy!

Low risk for both of us
You only need to deliver 10 prints or more to us. 1 copy of each is enough. We put your art on-line and promote you and your art as good as we can for no extra cost or you. No monthly fees, no entry fee, no fees at all. You are only responsible for sending the prints to us. You get paid when the prints are sold. We work as an on-line gallery with limited fixed costs and on a commission basis (35% of agreed sales price) so our risk is also limited - we will not go out of business and disappear.

We have been in business since 2003 and Bestnetart is owned by 2 art enthusiasts, Helena and Magnus Segercrantz. We are based in Finland. Your art-prints are fully insured and stored at a safe place. When an art-print is sold and paid for by the buyer, you will be paid without any delay. If you one day in the future want to have your prints back, we send them back to you.

Lovely and varied art, all available at wherever you are. The art is available on-line 24 hours each day all year around. Art prints are very affordable and easy to buy, and safe to deliver by mail all around the world.
You can visit us at is an on-line Artgallery specializing in limited edition art prints by contemporary artists from all around the world.<br />
The artists by country are:

  • Belarus: Gennady Vial
  • Bulgaria: Hristo Kerin, Dimo Kolibarov, Peter Velikov
  • Estonia: Aavo Ermel, Mildebergius
  • Finland: Maarit Kontiainen, Kristiina Lehtonen, Heli Mäkinen, Raili Tala, Juha Tammenpää
  • France: Alain Soucasse
  • Germany: Erhard Beitz. Norbert Salzwedel
  • Greece and Sweden: George Krallis
  • Holland: Harry Agema, Rolf Weijburg
  • Japan: Noriaki Kondoh
  • Mexico: Alonso de Alba Bessonnier
  • Nepal and France: Keshav Malla
  • Romania: Adrian Sandu
  • Slovakia: Katarina Vavrová
  • Sweden: Bo Cronqvist and Elizabeth Tyler (UK and Sweden)
  • Ukraine: Ruslan Agirba
  • USA, Hawaii: Benson Seto


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