Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group file criminal charges to protect G999

January 08, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG: "Defamation in German criminal law means that someone makes defamatory allegations about a person even though they know the allegations are untrue. This is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years or a fine."
"Credit jeopardy is when one, contrary to the truth, alleges or spreads a fact which is likely to jeopardise the credit of another or cause other disadvantages to his or her acquisition or advancement."
In this case, one has to compensate the injured party for the resulting damage even if one does not know the untruth but must know it.

In the German GmbHG (Law on Limited Liability Companies) there is no position of a „Vorstandsvorsitzenden" (so called in German) in English called "Chairman of the Board", this is general knowledge.

Following questionable media reports, Josip Heit, Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, has not only commissioned an extensive team of lawyers, he has also filed criminal charges with the responsible public prosecutor's offices for defamation and credit risk as well as violation of the secrecy of correspondence. Currently, claims for damages are being prepared in order to enforce them not only against various media and their companies, but also personally against media employees in court.

The fact that some media also have shareholders in the United States of America (USA) or are based there makes it easier to claim damages in the USA.
It is known that such lawsuits cost the US economy 264 billion US dollars a year, with 100 billion US dollars going to small and medium-sized enterprises alone, whereby the damages in US courts are often significantly higher than in German courts! Therefore, Josip Heit has now also commissioned a team of US lawyers to take action against publishers, authors as well as against companies, for the purpose of claiming damages.

The Press Code sets out guidelines for journalistic work. From respect for human dignity to the presumption of innocence. Respect for the truth, the preservation of human dignity and truthful information of the public are the highest commandments of the press.
Whoever knowingly spreads, as in the case of a false claim, that a person is "Chairman of the Board" of a limited liability company, is telling the untruth, because, as mentioned above, the law on limited liability companies (GmbHG) does not provide for such a position and interpretative authority has absolutely no place in editorial articles, quite apart from the fact that such a thing is unethical.

Anyone who does not listen carefully to the audio, for example when a person says in English: "…Chairman of the Board AND……", should not be surprised if he or she is exposed not only to possible criminal charges, but also to high claims for damages.
Moreover, if press articles are distributed without the consent of a person or a company, or videos are published without the consent of a person or a company, it cannot be the task of the press to make "editorial defamatory articles" out of them.

Research is an indispensable instrument of journalistic diligence. Information intended for publication, whether in words, pictures or graphics, must be checked for its truthfulness and reproduced truthfully with the care required by the circumstances. Its meaning must not be distorted or falsified by editing, headlines or captions.
Unconfirmed reports, rumours and suppositions must be made clearly recognisable as such, at least that is what the press code says, and it is precisely this press code that must not be interpreted as one sees fit by means of shyster lawyers, in the sense of interpretive sovereignty, under the motto of Pipi Longstocking: "I'll make the world Widdewidde as I please!" Note: „Pippi Longstocking is the central character of a three-volume Swedish children's book series by Astrid Lindgren".

Against this background, it is factual to state that Josip Heit has never been "Chairman of the Bord" of any company other than GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, nor has he ever been an issuer of a "cryptocurrency" before G999.
"G999" is a unique electronic system, card reader and app that enables telecommunication and messenger via blockchain, inspired by the deflationary token economic model.
Yesterday, Thursday, 7 January 2021, the german Federal Minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht, clearly stated: "In Europe, we will create binding obligations for internet platforms to delete incitement to hatred and to take consistent action against lies." Josip Heit supports this and demands that politicians finally take action against defamation and defamatory criticism on the internet by threatening to impose severe prison sentences!

Until the politicians have decided on these stricter penalties, Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG will relentlessly pursue any defamation, defamatory criticism or questionable interpretation in the sense of the sovereignty of interpretation, in this case by the media, blogs or persons, through lawyers, whereby, if necessary, criminal charges will also be filed.

If websites are not shut down, the domain provider will be sued for damages if false claims are made.

It is being examined whether declarations of discontinuance, issued by "journalists", will be published in the future, so that the general public can read what is first brazenly claimed by "journalists" and later meekly retracted!

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