Louisville Health & Healing, a Therapy Practice in Louisville, Kentucky, Launches New Website to Promote Therapeutic Service Offerings and Attract Clients

February 02, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A new therapy practice in Louisville, Kentucky has kicked off 2021 by moving into a new office, launching a new website, and opening up scheduling for potential clients to book therapy appointments. Louisville Health & Healing formerly known as Lucas Counseling and Consulting was founded by Henry Lucas, LCSW, LCADC, in 2012 and has made leaps and bounds establishing themselves as a therapy practice in the Louisville, Kentucky area over the last eight years. Now, with a new website that highlights the various therapeutic services offered at Louisville Health & Healing and allows potential clients to schedule online or in-person therapy appointments, the therapy practice is booking appointments for those interested in attending therapy.

Louisville Health & Healing prides itself as an outpatient office that offers counseling services for a variety of concerns. The staff offers therapy for individuals, couples, and families using effective and innovative therapy methods. The main focus at Louisville Health & Healing is to create a safe environment for all clients using the team's compassionate and non-judgmental approach to therapy. As an LGBTQI+ friendly therapy office, Louisville Health & Healing welcomes clients of all walks of life and uses an approach that focuses on targeting physical, mental, emotional, and mental health in order to overcome obstacles and heal along the way.

In addition to providing a safe environment for members of the community, Louisville Health & Healing offers a wide variety of therapeutic services including some that are not offered at any other therapy offices in the immediate area. Services offered exclusively by the team of therapists at Louisville Health & Healing include:

  • Pandemic Support
    2020 brought a lot of unexpected occurrences including a global pandemic that drove some people out of work, most people indoors, and everyone into unknown and traumatic territory. While most traumatic events have an end in sight, the coronavirus pandemic is no closer to being over than it was 10 months ago and that is apt to cause anxiety, depression, and other emotional obstacles to occur. Louisville Health & Healing is offering Pandemic Support to those who are needing someone to talk to and looking for advice on how to continue to face their day-to-day until we, as a country, are able to go back to a sense of normalcy.
  • Addiction Management
    Addiction is a complex disease which means that addiction management and recovery can be just as confusing. Due to the complexity of addiction, the recovery process is different for every person and each person living with addiction requires a different approach to recovery. At Louisville Health & Healing, the team of therapists believes that no matter the substance or behavioral addiction, recovery is possible through the right combination of therapies.
  • Moderation Management
    Alcoholism is commonly diagnosed when someone has a severe dependency on alcoholic substances and, most often, it seems that attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and practicing complete sobriety are the only options. At Louisville Health & Healing, the therapists believe that Moderation Management is a possible solution for those who struggle with alcohol consumption but find complete abstinence from alcohol an unrealistic coping skill.
  • Psychedelic Support
    Psychedelic substances have been used to cope with anxiety, manage pain, and heal additional psychological problems throughout history. Despite its long time use across cultures, Western medicine has just recently accepted the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. At Louisville Health & Healing, the team of therapists believes psychedelics are emerging treatments for depression, addiction, anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and while they do not offer Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy they do offer integrated support for those who seek assistance making sense of their experiences.

  • The services outlined above highlight the innovative approach to therapy provided at Louisville Health & Healing; however, the therapists also offer support for more conventional practice areas including adolescence support, codependency management, couples counseling, depression and anxiety, family counseling, grief counseling, recovery integration, trauma, and work and career issues. The new Louisville Health & Healing website offers additional information about the variety of services offered at the practice.

    In addition to the services outlined on the Louisville Health & Healing website, the website also features additional information for those interested in learning more about the therapy practice itself. By visiting https://www.LouisvilleHealthAndHealing.com/, website visitors will find:

  • an extensive list of Resources for those looking for additional mental health care information and counseling resources including Alcoholics Anonymous, the National Center for PTSD, SAMHSA's Suicide Prevention, the MANKIND Project, SMART Recovery, and more.
  • a web page featuring Videos filmed by Henry Lucas that cover topics such as "intimacy vs. intensity", "tips for depression", and a collection of TEDTalks by prominent men and women in the mental health community including Bill Hader, Brene Brown, Diana Nyad, and more.
  • a list of Frequently Asked Questions aimed to help those interested in learning more about therapy offered at Louisville Health & Healing, deducing if therapy is the right option for those interested, and obtaining information regarding if Louisville Health & Healing accepts certain insurance providers and how insurance coverage works.
  • an active Blog page populated with posts written by Henry Lucas, the lead therapist at Louisville Health & Healing, that cover a wide range of topics from how to cope with the stress of the holidays to how to avoid self-sabotage when setting goals as well as reviews of self-help books including Henry's own book, Maximize, and reviews of different recovery programs across the state of Kentucky.

  • When visiting the new Louisville Health & Healing website, visitors will also find a collection of reviews of practice leader, Henry Lucas that are testimonies to his counseling capabilities written by various people he has helped throughout his professional career.

    Louisville Health & Healing's new website also features a variety of ways that those interested in booking an appointment with the available counselors can do so. Potential clients can contact Louisville Health & Healing through the online contact form or by calling 502-472-7293.

    Louisville Health & Healing is currently accepting and scheduling both virtual and in-person appointments through their website, https://www.LouisvilleHealthAndHealing.com, and at their office located at 8134 New LaGrange Road, Suite 100, in Louisville, Kentucky.

    About Henry Lucas, LCSW, LCADC
    Henry Lucas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor who received his Masters in Social Work from the University of Louisville. Henry specializes in working with people who are in recovery from substance abuse, people who are living with a traumatic history, and people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Henry, who is in long-term recovery himself, has personal experience in managing recovery and now offers those services to anyone interested. Henry is committed to helping people reach their maximum potential, as reflected in the title of his recent book: Maximize. Henry started Lucas Counseling and Consulting in 2012 and recently expanded his practice and rebranded to Louisville Health & Healing in order to serve more individuals, couples, and families in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

    About Louisville Health & Healing
    Louisville Health & Healing, formerly known as Lucas Counseling and Consulting, is a therapy office located at 8134 New LaGrange Road, Suite 100, that offers traditional counseling services as well as more non-conventional therapy methods. The team of trained therapists at Louisville Health & Healing work with patients suffering from a range of emotional and behavioral issues by providing therapy for depression, grief counseling, parenting support, couples counseling, and more. Currently, Louisville Health & Healing is accepting both virtual and in-person therapy appointments. Individuals interested in booking an appointment can do so by calling 502-472-7293 or by using the Contact Us page on https://www.LouisvilleHealthAndHealing.com/ today.

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