Terry Hagerty's Western Adventure Novel, "Last of the San Patricios" Earns Positive Reviews and an Otherworld Cottage Certificate of Excellence.

February 12, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
In Jag Singh's review of "Last of the San Patricios" in the UK magazine South East Star, he wrote: "In 1879, Irish-born rogues Sean Mulcahy and Michael Lonergan, two of the last surviving members of the Saint Patrick Battalion, better known as the San Patricios, an elite artillery unit in the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War, made up mostly of Irish and Catholic deserters from the American Army, wander through Northern Mexico and the American West, looking after and taking care of one another, until they come across an 8-year-old Chinese girl, left on a sand dune south of the crumbling Spanish mission situated along the Carmel River. They take the girl to nearby Monterey, California, where their colorful past makes their futures uncertain.

"Terry Hagerty is a talented storyteller with a rare ability to really set the scene and fire the imagination. His vivid descriptions of the period add to the appeal of the book, and I, for one, didn't want to put it down. The book chronicles the adventures of Sean and Michael, Irish refugees who wind up in the American West, where it appears Saint Patrick sent all the snakes he banished from Ireland."

Richard Rothrock, screenwriting instructor, Motion Picture Institute, Troy, Michigan (2009-2019), and author of "Sunday Nights With Walt: Everything I Know I Learned From "The Wonderful World of Disney," (Theme Park Press, 2017), wrote in his review: "Hagerty clearly knows his history. The Mexican War is surely one of the most forgotten wars the United States ever fought despite its long term effects on our national geography. The pre-Civil War army is accurately portrayed as not too different from serving out a long prison sentence. The officers perform their duties more like sadistic guards, lashing out on the slightest whim. The reader fully understands why Sean, Michael and the other Irish would switch sides. It isn't about being a traitor but standing up against bigotry and brutality. Surprisingly, the Irish fit right in with the multi-national Mexican Army under command of the legendary Santa Anna (of Alamo fame). Battles that have long faded from our national memory like the Battle of Buena Vista come fully to life.

"Sean and Michael are likable protagonists and worthwhile travel companions to journey around the west with. The pace is brisk and the tone jaunty without stinting on the ever-present dangers of the frontier. There are cameos of historical figures from General (and future president) Zachary Taylor to author Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island) and enough twists and turns to keep readers wondering what will happen next. Not to mention dramatizing vivid examples of how California (and, by extension, America) was built through the hard labor of immigrants (whether Anglo, Irish, Latino, Chinese, etc.). Americans from the colonial era to today have always been debating who is and who is not a "real" American while also understanding that yesterday's penniless immigrant may someday climb the economic ladder and become tomorrow's economic and political leader. It is a timely tale that balances message and storytelling to produce a well-done and entertaining read."

Visit https://otherworldcottageindustries.com/TRAILERS%20AND%20WIDGETS.html, where you will find links to explore to your heart's content, including a synopsis, sample pages, more reviews, and a legacy page discussing the historical background of the era and the plaque raised in the San Jacinto Plaza in Mexico City to honor the San Patricios.

Terry Hagerty's "Last of the San Patricios" earned him an Otherworld Cottage Certificate of Excellence for its contribution to Otherworld's 2020 E2 Media Award for Production and Creative Content. For more about the Awards and Accolades, visit https://view.publitas.com/e2-media/otherworldaccolades/.

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