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February 12, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
This premiere Ebook on Vedic Meditation - Vedic Meditation Stories - Paula Jane Newman has meditation stories directly written by underrepresented peoples within the wellness community and holds no fluff but remarkable accounts that will have your jaw drop to the floor and heart open. This collection of stories from Vedic Meditators all over the globe, describes why they came to Vedic Meditation, what happened and the benefits. Part one includes a brief explanation about meditation, answers to common reasons as to why people don't meditate, a briefer history about Vedic Meditation and the story behind Aware Meditation Inc.

Part two are the stories predominantly from those in underrepresented groups sharing heart rending and remarkable changes in their lives as a result of the practice. Meditation has proven to assist with depression, anxiety, stress but many still struggle. Have you struggled with meditation? This brief book is YOUR book to read NOW. Do you believe it won't work for you? Neither could any of the these people.

Paula Jane Newman is a Vedic Meditation teacher and founder of Aware Meditation Inc. a non profit that teaches self sufficient stress reduction techniques to individuals, businesses, groups and whose outreach program brings meditation in large numbers to underrepresented groups within the wellness community. The book is an e-book fundraiser for Aware Meditation Inc.'s outreach programs. A global initiative to shift the consciousness of all and allow all peoples to learn this practice.

Available on Kindle - an app. No need to have the Kindle device. https://www.amazon.com/Vedic-Meditation-Stories-Paula-Newman-ebook/dp/B08PQ4JTD6

Paula Jane Newman - an immigrant to the United States and first-generation college student, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with College Honors. She has over 11 years of teaching Vedic Meditation and found meditation after experiencing a work-related injury due to repetitive computer/office work as an alternative to long term pain management without using pharmaceutical drugs. Her training took over 6,500 hours including spending time in India and studying Vedic texts. She is a Vinyasa trained Yoga instructor, comic, motivational speaker and prolific voice over artist in the Los Angeles area. Prior to her injury she had founded a nonprofit theatre company and spearheaded the Carnegie Mellon West Coast undergraduate drama showcase which continues today. Her accent, vocal work, compassion living in physical pain, comedic talents and British wit brings a unique, relatable, wise and fun teaching environment. She has appeared as a meditation teacher on CBS' GoodDay Sacramento, ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap (as George Hamilton's meditation teacher), Mental Happiness Hour Podcast, The Boss Life Balance Podcast, VivaGlam Magazine, Courageous Women's Magazine to name a few media highlights. She has spoken at conventions, pain management centers businesses and conferences. She has been invited to the Cambridge University Press' Bio Ethics in Education conference to workshop Getting to Yes with medical students and doctors regarding prejudice within the medical field of BIPoC patients.

MStreet Coffee in Sherman Oaks, CA will be donating 25% of all sales on Saturday February 13th to the non profit. https://www.mstreetcoffee.com

Celebrating the release Aware Meditation Inc. is hosting a FREE Heart Centered Wellness Livestream on Saturday February 13th (U.S. time Zone) with international speakers bringing Yoga, Hot Pilates, Meditation, Goal Setting and more workshops via our YouTube Channel.
Registration link:https://www.awaremeditation.com/Heart-Centered-Livestream
Donations to the non profit can be received via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/awaremeditationinc
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