Mathew Jedeikin Launches Bid For Congress; Progressive Independent Looks To Unite California's Members In The House

February 16, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
Mathew Jedeikin is seeking to represent California's 6th district in Congress with a campaign focused on statewide unity. The progressive Independent hopes to build a coalition of Californian members in the House to further advance the interests of everyone living in the Golden State.

Locally, Jedeikin's priorities include: Strong support to fully rebuild a post-pandemic Sacramento; both immediate and long term solutions to Sacramento's growing homelessness crisis; better pay for our teachers, and technology in our classrooms; improved levies and superior flood prevention.

In Washington D.C. Jedeikin hopes to bring attention to issues that shouldn't be viewed as partisan. His national priorities include: access to food and shelter as a basic human right; healthy, breathable air for all of our children; a safe America for everyone; and a movement towards a global reduction in meat consumption.

Jedeikin, who grew up in Sacramento and is a graduate of Sac State University, is running as a progressive Independent in order to appeal to voters across his district regardless of party affiliation.

"I would definitely say that I'm a reliably blue voter," Jedeikin says. "But I don't want a party affiliation to define me. I've been registered as an Independent for years so it seemed like the natural way to run for Congress. And I hope that it speaks to my message of unity, regardless of party, for the betterment of every single resident of California."

"If you live in my district," Jedeikin continues, "or anywhere in the greater Sacramento area… Or if you live anywhere in California then I want to hear from you. Email, tweet, or message me on TikTok. I want to know what issues are most pressing to you and your family."

Mathew Jedeikin for Congress: A United California

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