Modern Sofa Collection: Bellini Sofa, Togo, Ducaroy And Boucle Sofa

March 19, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New York, March 19, 2021 - So far, this has been a year of recovery for certain sectors of the economy, including furniture companies, and during this first quarter some online stores such as have taken the opportunity to renew their stock and favor a rebound in their sales. It's for this reason that they're launching a new line of high-quality and ergonomic modern sofas made up of five main pieces: the Midcentury Modern Sofa 3 Seater Leather, Bellini Sofa, Eastwood Sofa, Woodrow Box 87" leather Sofa, and the Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric. These designs are aimed at Mid-Century Modern style environments and are pieces with great ergonomics and durability.

Since its foray into the modern sofa market, the company has greatly expanded its catalog, including various pieces for every taste and need. The tanned leather sofas, fabric sofas, modern sectionals, and even modular sofas make up an impressive catalog in which each user can find the model that best suits their house or apartment. Also, its advanced online sales system allows the store to send these products to any part of the national territory. Therefore, buyers can choose the sofa they prefer from home and receive it at their doorstep, quickly and safely.

A Modern Sofa For Every Taste

Modern sofas continue to have enormous relevance in today's modern furniture market. Versatile collections allow all types of users to find what they want even if they've never seen it before. For example, a leather sofa is one of the most sought-after pieces for male environments called "man caves", taking into account that leather is a material that has been present in all kinds of garments and decorating styles that men prefer. On the other hand, the collection offers radically different pieces from that like the Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric, perfect for those who love innovative layouts and want to convey a feeling of relax and informality.

"The facility that we are providing to all buyers in these difficult times so that they can renovate the interiors of their houses, apartments, and work areas is something that our loyal customers value very much," said the CEO of the company, who mentioned he was very satisfied with the public response to the inclusion of these new products, which have been sold at an unstoppable rate. "We are not only a furniture store, but also an agency that friendly promotes decorating ideas and trends, and we keep ourselves very informed about what people want to always be able to offer them what fashion proposes, from a very professional point of view. We want that image to remain in the minds of our customers."

Professional interior designers also highly recommend their clients to consult the MHD catalog, taking into account that it usually means an effective source of solutions for everything they're looking for. After all, some pieces like the acclaimed Mulini Sofa, recognized worldwide for its great style and perfect technical capabilities for the most demanding users, are also available in this catalog at a much more affordable price than other competitive stores.

The wide range of pieces of furniture in this store is not limited only to furniture for living rooms, outdoors and other areas of the house but also for bedrooms, since its catalog also includes an important selection of modern bed frames with a great diversity of designs, made with premium materials and an amazing modern style. The Ophelia bed, for example, is a platform bed frame that's among the best-sellers, due to its highly elegant design and its upholstered wood bed frame, which offers an outstanding user experience. This has allowed the company to cover a much wider market share as many buyers come to the online store in search of a good mid-century bed frame.

A Style That Stood The Test of Time

Competition within the furniture market is not easy. Other similar online stores, specialized in models of this trend, such as (whose headquarters are in Canada) want new customers to know their extraordinary catalog in more detail since it includes such important designs as the Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona Bench, and so many others. These pieces, which are considered icons to the Mid-Century Modern, have had a major global impact since they were first introduced to the market in 1929.

Although it has been almost a century since the public first saw the Barcelona Chair, Barcelona Daybed, Barcelona Loveseat, and Barcelona Bench, among other pieces in the collection, they are such legendary products that they immediately capture people's attention. They are not only comfortable, durable, ergonomic furniture, made with excellent quality materials, capable of lasting for generations, but also faithful representatives of the minimalist elegance that characterizes a style that people love so much and continues to be so popular.

Any MCM lover would like to have a Barcelona Chair replica, a Barcelona Bench replica, or a Barcelona Ottoman to complement their set of chairs and make their surroundings functional and amazing areas, but many people think that it's necessary to invest a fortune in a collection like that. However, these faithful replicas are sold at only a fraction of the cost of authentic pieces. The collection, born of the mind, ingenuity, and talent of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe also includes the Barcelona Table replica, a perfect complementary piece so that environments can have the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

Interested persons can enter the websites of both stores right now to check the mentioned living room sofas and the rest of the models, including some faithful and affordable replicas of the most iconic designs within this style that has reigned among the most popular decorating trends for more than sixty years and brings an endless variety of options for the renovation of all kinds of areas.


For more information, you can also call 646-578-8606 or send an email As for Barcelona Designs, go to, visit them at 4915 Bathurst St. Suite 209 Toronto, Ontario, or call at 1-646-340-3033

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