RJC Mitchell Consultants - Biden to Maintain Tough Stance on China

March 25, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
US President, Joe Biden, has made significant moves to remedy some of the issues that arose during the Trump administration. Perhaps most importantly, the new president has managed to advance the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in the US by rolling out massive stimulus and ramping up vaccine efforts. RJC Mitchell Consultants analysts say that, as a result of these measures, the US economy is in better shape than it has been in years and it looks set to grow at a rate not seen in decades this year.

However, one issue Biden seems unlikely to change course on is relations with China. Former president Donald Trump spent a large portion of his term escalating trade tensions with China, often in a way that seemed to disregard the long-term impact on the US economy. His ongoing vendetta against the world's second largest economy caused a bitter trade war that affected economies and supply chains around the world and has yet to be resolved.

While some had hoped that Biden would take steps to resolve the conflict with China, analysts at RJC Mitchell Consultants say the new president seems unlikely to adopt a more lenient attitude towards China.

Strain between the global rivals was apparent at last week's meeting in Alaska when China and the US convened for the first time since Biden took office. Both sides are unwilling to make the concessions necessary to resolve the conflict.

China seems unable to appreciate the limited flexibility Biden has with regard to relations with China, given that US opinion against China has shifted sharply in recent months. China refuses to allow the US to interfere in what it sees as internal affairs. RJC Mitchell Consultants say the status quo between the two countries seem likely to remain unchanged in the near future.

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