Frisco, TX Author Publishes Science Fiction Novel

April 01, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The WARGER Bubble, a new book by Pankaj Panging, has been recently released.

We are all prisoners of the Sun. The fact is, if we did not figure out a way to beat the hard cosmic speed limit, not just barely, but by many orders of magnitude, we are doomed to perish with the Earth, as the inevitable bombardments and collisions obliterate everything within the inner solar system, not just once but a few times in a metronomic clockwork fashion, starting soon. Our helplessness begins with the hard fact that even with the fastest drive that we have ever invented, the journey to the nearest star at only 4.2 light-years away, will take a whopping 6550 years. How then do we ever go to any other earth-like planet? We knew we live from collision to collision and extinction to extinction. Every intelligent life form like ourselves might have faced the same challenge at other space-times like we are, now! What does an inconspicuous glyph have anything to do with that speed limit of the cosmos? And what does the WARGER bubble have anything to do with the glyph? What is a WARGER bubble, anyway? Is it some kind of a timeless existence? Or is it just an illusion, just as everything could be construed as an illusion? This story never really ends, and it is stranger than any fiction that we have known yet. Yet, it perhaps is even closer to reality - in reality!

About the Author:
Pankaj Panging, born in an obscure little town in the far east of India, is an American citizen living in the city of Frisco, Texas. He served in a senior management position in a major transportation company and as a technologist in other blue-chip companies in his professional life. He got his advanced degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA, as well as a post-graduate certification course from Harvard University to train as a data scientist. He has one individual US patent and one group patent to his name, and three more individual patents are in the "Allowed" stage as of this time. He has published literary work in short stories in his debut as a writer before. This is his first major novel in the genre of science fiction. He has been a judge in the regional Science Fair, Texas, twice. Besides his love of science and literature, he paints portraits in the medium of oil, on canvas.

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The WARGER Bubble is a 400-page paperback with a retail price of $25.05. The ISBN is 978-1735704050. It is also available in hardcover and eBook formats. It is available on and

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