New App, Liquid Avatar, Introduces Gen-Z to Online Identity Control Through Personalized Avatars

May 07, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The newly launched app, Liquid Avatar, is the next level of online security aimed squarely at Gen-Z and their love of avatars for online interaction. They're like the electronic version of Flintstones Vitamins cute and colorful on the outside but packed with power on the inside. The Liquid Avatars are specifically designed to be cool, fun, infinitely customizable, and based on the advanced architecture of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), which moves the process of digital identity authentication away from third parties and unknown servers, while placing it under control of the individuals themselves. Liquid Avatar was created by Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., a worldwide leader in SSI platform development for more than four years.

With Liquid Avatar, identity confirmations and digital transactions become as simple as sending an avatar token, which automatically attaches public data or, depending on the authentication level selected, forwards permission-based private data. Behind the scenes, blockchain ensures security by utilizing Trust Over IP standards, the open-source system developed by the Trust Over IP Foundation, an affiliate of the Linux Foundation. Liquid Avatars include a Visual or Presentation Layer; Public Data Layer; Private Data Layer and a Security and Authentication Layer.

The process begins when users create the avatar, which will represent themselves to friends, family and the world. A cloud-based biometric facial scan, using a standard mobile or laptop camera, guarantees that only one person can create one avatar, and only that one person will be able to access it. Verifiable identify credentials are linked to the biometric data to ensure that the digital person is as unique as the real-life person.
"We want to make online identity authentication as simple and trustworthy as showing a passport or driver's license," said David Lucatch, CEO Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. "Liquid Avatar will provide users, vendors, governments, eCommerce programs, educators and others with the ability to easily and efficiently interact while preserving safety, security and data integrity."

Liquid Avatar accounts are free, and avatars may be created for free, or premium avatars purchased from the Liquid Avatar Marketplace where dozens of different styles are available. These premium avatars are created by a range of both emerging and celebrated artists such as comic artist Ariel Olivetti (Daredevil, X-Men, Space Ghost). In a unique twist - since one avatar skin can only be controlled by one individual - avatars will themselves become commodities, bought and sold for real money between users in the Marketplace.
To download the app and create a Liquid Avatar today, visit the App Store, Google Play, or at

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