DevHub Acquires NYC Retail Tech Company used by Nike, Chanel and others

May 19, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(Seattle, Washington / New York City, New York - May 19, 2021) - DevHub, Inc ( announces the acquisition of Brickwork Software ( an NYC-based retail tech company, powering the local consumer experiences for brands that include Nike, Chanel, and Saks FIfth Avenue among others.

DevHub's acquisition of Brickwork Software is intended to strengthen DevHub's Data Experience Platform for brick-and-mortar, multi-location brands, and retailers. DevHub will be adding new online-to-store conversion actions such as appointment booking and event RSVP to its list of Local Experience offerings.

With the addition of new customers, technology, and talent DevHub's acquisition of Brickwork is expected to have an immediate positive impact and to finally have a presence in NYC.

Using data to create actionable digital experiences is a strategic priority for multi-location brands as they accelerate their digital offerings (according to Qualtrics). A report by BIA Kelsey estimates $161 billion was spent in 2020 on local marketing.

DevHub's acquisition is a bid to become the leader in the entire search-to-in-store and/or eCommerce experience being powered by their platform.

"We want to create the definitive platform for leading multi-location brands - beginning with search engine optimization (SEO) and ending with an in-store or eCommerce transaction." Daniel Rust DevHub CTO / co-Founder shared. "DevHub can power the entire retail experience, at scale, with integrations for the leading CRMs and eCommerce platforms. "It's all data being pushed and pulled, and that's how we've architected DevHub."

DevHub's Data Experience Platform powers digital customer interactions for over 179 brands in both B2B and B2C. The vast majority of these brands, however, are managed by agency partners on a white-label or "powered by" basis. Brickwork Software gives DevHub a toolset to target national retailers and others directly along with powerful brands that they can use to showcase their platform's capabilities. While most national brands will continue to be serviced on a "powered by DevHub" basis by their digital advertising agencies, there is a compelling opportunity to lead global brands through direct relationships.

"Brick-and-mortar brands are being pulled in a million different directions due to the pandemic, and because of this, have now finally understood the tremendous advantage of an excellent customer experience - both online and in-store. We have gained tremendous insight over the past 14 years to lead our partners with innovative tech and future-proof experiences." Mark Michael DevHub, CEO explains.

Here's an example of how the online customer journey can work on DevHub's platform: <br />

The consumer does a search for 'handbags near me,'
An organic listing to Chanel's nearest outlet is in one of the consumer's top search results
The consumer
Discovers the brand
Offers the opportunity to buy a handbag or,
book an appointment to visit the store
creating a 1 of 1, personalized experience that includes discovery through direct engagement between the consumer and the brand

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