How Shopware takes commerce to the next level

July 27, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
In recent months, the world of ecommerce systems has been shaken up. Despite all the changes currently affecting the industry, Shopware has managed to take a leading role among ecommerce systems with a simple strategy: putting people at the centre. Shopware has a lot to offer in terms of solutions, and a unique project in the industry is currently causing a stir: the video-on-demand service

What is Shopware?

The German-made software solution is a leading e-commerce system and is used by some of Europe's biggest brands, retailers and manufacturers in the B2C and B2B sectors. Well-known customers include Aston Martin, Borussia Dortmund, Jägermeister, Haribo, Philips and thyssenkrupp. As a forward-looking open source solution, Shopware gives users the freedom to achieve their growth potential quickly and easily - through more flexibility and less complexity. To date, more than 100,000 companies have relied on a Shopware solution; together they generated a GMV of 12 billion euros in 2020. One of Shopware's greatest strengths is its global network of 1,200 sales, technology and solution partners. A community with hundreds of thousands of members also offers customers access to over 4,000 extensions to date, as well as extensive support. Being 100 per cent self financed, Shopware is completely independent and, through heavy investment in research and development, occupies a leading position as a driver of innovation. Shopware provides the answer to an ever more complex e-commerce world where connectivity and therefore technology are rapidly gaining importance. In this environment, it is even more important to put people first.

In 2020, Shopware was listed in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce for the first time, which is s major accolade in the industry. Gartner has confirmed what Shopware has been striving to do for years: To create shopping experiences that are as individual as the consumers themselves. Shopware offers customers the possibility of customisable commerce thanks to various tools. Shopware is thus adapted to the rapidly changing buyer behaviour in all areas. Whether the classic online shop, the point of sale, social media platforms or marketplaces: With Shopware, retailers have control, across multiple sales channels, centrally with just one solution.

Open Commerce

Another important asset of Shopware is its Open Source philosophy. "We firmly believe in an Open Commerce world in which openness, flexibility and experience play a decisive role. With Shopware, we want to bring outstanding shopping moments into everyone's lives. This requires the ability to always listen to the needs of the market, the merchants and the customers and to create solutions with the perfect combination of technology, usability and innovation that not only have today's challenges in mind, but also those of the future," explains Shopware CEO Sebastian Hamann.

Shopware's core benefits also radiate far beyond the Shopware universe. In March, Shopware was able to bring former Magento lead evangelist Ben Marks on board as Director, Global Market Development, and this is already having a major effect on international growth. Ben is convinced that Shopware is the platform that can take e-commerce to the next level . The fast-growing community, one of the most important aspects of Shopware, focuses on: " Working together instead of against each other. It is our conviction that we encourage and promote mutual exchange and cooperation within our community and especially among the merchants. Because in this way they benefit from each other's experiences and joint growth becomes possible," says Sebastian Hamann.

Shopware releases VOD Service

The latest example of Shopware taking care of its community is the new VOD platform Shopware TV. On this free streaming service, viewers can find videos that offer both entertainment and business-relevant information. Two elaborately produced series with five episodes each are already available from the start, and further formats will follow.
"When people who don't know us come across Shopware, they may see us exclusively as an e-commerce company. Of course, they are right to do so, but that view doesn't tell the whole story," says Sebastian Hamann.
Shopware TV is an infotainment platform for e-commerce enthusiasts that aims to promote openness and a cooperative exchange among all market participants. "We have always driven the growth of industries in the SME sector with our solutions and ideas. Shopware TV addresses exactly that and we want as many people as possible to benefit from it," says Hamann. In concrete terms, Shopware TV provides inspiration and insights into all areas of Shopware, e-commerce and far beyond in high-quality formats. Topics addressed include entrepreneurship, success factors of retail companies, the impact of the Corona pandemic on retail and much more. In addition to the "New Kid in Town" series, Shopware is publishing an informative and entertaining series for developers called "{DEV}initely Shopware".

"We always think outside the box and surprise our community with unusual campaigns," explains Sebastian Hamann. "In doing so, we take the view of putting people at the centre and meeting them authentically. We also do this with Shopware TV. We provide personal insights and are approachable. We offer our community and all those interested in the topic of e-commerce formats that provide expert knowledge and business advice on the one hand, but also represent varied, human experiences in a digital world on the other."
Let Shopware surprise you both by entertaining you and by showing you how they help drive your ecommerce business forward:

About Shopware
Shopware is a leading ecommerce system and used by some of the largest European brands, retailers and manufacturers across B2C and B2B industries. As a trendsetting open source solution, Shopware gives retailers the freedom to quickly and easily realise their growth potential - with more flexibility and less complexity. Today, more than 100,000 companies rely on a Shopware solution, with all retailers from start-ups to enterprise generating a combined turnover of 12 billion Euro in 2020.
From its headquarters in Schöppingen, Germany, Shopware employs 250 people and relies on a global network of 1,200 sales, technology and solution partners. A community with hundreds of thousands of members gives customers access to over 4,000 extensions and certified professional support. 100% equity-financed, Shopware is completely independent and through high investments in research and development, is the leading driver of innovation in European ecommerce.

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