Identify, Organize, Buy, Sell and Trade Disney Collectible Pins with the new App, MagicPin

August 04, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
For decades now, pin collecting and trading have been one of the most popular activities at the Disney theme parks worldwide. Incredibly, the Walt Disney Company has estimated that there are over 60,000 different pins in circulation, with some of the rarest pins selling for over $5,000! Now, for the first time, an independent company has created an app that can help pin devotees identify, organize, even buy, sell and trade pins online with other collectors.

MagicPin, developed by S&P Holbrook LLC., promises to be the #1 source of information on the wonderful world of Disney pins for collectors of all ages. The Magic Pin app and S&P Holbrook LLC., are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. The core feature of MagicPin is the AI-driven database which allows users to scan their pin and instantly pull up background information. Once scanned, they can add the pin to their virtual collection board and custom-categorize it in any way desired.

MagicPin also automatically removes any background images and crops the pin for a clean and professional-looking collection pic. If they'd like, the scanned pin can also be entered into the MagicPin marketplace so users can connect with other pin collectors to trade or purchase pins, whether locally or out of state. The app makes it easy to process credit card transactions between traders. MagicPin will continue evolving to provide the best user experience and will be adding new features like friendly collector competitions and much more.

"Ever since it started in 1999, Disney collectible pins and pin trading has just exploded into its own universe and culture," Said CEO of S&P Holbrook LLC "MagicPin can make it a little less overwhelming for the beginning collector, and it's also a place for pin fanatics to meet, share knowledge, do some trading and of course have fun!"

Magicpin is the all-in-one platform that Disney pin collectors have been waiting for! The app will officially launch on July 17th, 2021, the same day Disney land opened 66 years ago in 1955!

Download it now at Google Play, the App Store, or at

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