Launches Their Ergonomic Office Chair Made with Recycled Fishing Nets and Ocean Plastics

August 11, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Ergonomics has gradually become a fundamental discipline to take into account when designing a workspace. Studies have even shown the positive impact on a psychological and physiological level of implementing ergonomic pieces within your surroundings has launched an ergonomic office chair made from recycled fishing nets that can be easily adapted to the overall needs one faces in a work environment.


A not very popular but important fact is that only 9% of American plastic is recycled, this plastic is accumulating in our oceans at an alarming rate and the scientific predictions for 2050 is that there will be more fish than plastic in the ocean. This alarming fact was one of the reasons that prompted this company to create a brand with an ecological purpose, thus launching the right chairs model; a suitable chair made up of around 15 pounds of nylon from recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles, straws and other plastics. In this way they want to show that it is possible to offer a high-quality resistant product and at the same time contribute to our common cause; saving the planet.

The right chair b corporation is also a community contributor since for every chair that you buy from them, they'll donate a chair to a student in a developing country. Thanks to their non-profit program they can support education together.


Since its launch, the right chair has become part of the best ergonomic chairs in America due to the incredible features and versatility. Here we have placed the main characteristics that make it stand out among the ergonomic furniture that is currently available in the market.

Best mesh chair - An average workday lasts between 6-8 hours, so when looking for a chair it is important to pick a practical choice. The right chair's mesh is elastic and breathable, two very appropriate features that would increase your comfort in a significant way. The 3-layers are combined with a top-grade polyester fiber and DuPont yarn.

Helps with your health - When sitting for long hours, you can expose yourself to intense back pain which can be reduced by alleviating the weight and pressure that your lower back suffers when sitting. Behind the design of the right chairs there is an entire engineering team in charge of creating from scratch a chair that combines the functionality characteristic from modern style with the comfort derived from ergonomics that helps you to get an optimal lumbar support.

These are just three of the factors that one of the best ergonomic chairs made of recycled materials has to offer you. You can know more about the right chairs, by visiting their website at the link we have placed down below. For more information, you can also call +1 212-706-8509 or visit them at

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