Ragz Pullovers' Website Adds Cutting Edge Shoppable Video

August 12, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Toronto, ON - People all over the world will now find it even easier to buy Ragz Pullovers' incredibly soft pullovers. The company's home page now features an interactive video that showcases the pullovers in action on the beach, while allowing customers to buy each pullover as it appears on the screen.

"The video captures our customers' attention. The products displayed in real-time direct our customers to the products they want," said Mark Lavine, Founder and CEO of Ragz Pullovers.

"And the analytics help us understand what videos are working, what products are selling and what to focus on next time-both in terms of the video and the products we sell."

The video is powered by the VStore Shoppable Videos app from rBux. It's an innovative way for both e-retailers and traditional stores to provide a unique and immersive shopping experience for their customers. It allows you to build a virtual tour that lets your customers click on, and purchase, items as they pop up on the screen.

Companies can also easily track sales and determine the ROI of video content based on direct sales from their videos. Retailers can identify what products are popular and what video content is effective and relevant to consumers.

"The analytics and the sales tracking from VStore Shoppable videos make video marketing more measurable and effective. Instead of regarding videos as brand awareness, brands can now measure conversions and quantify their video marketing performance," said Blake Cronyn, President, rBux.

"And of course, the benefit to the customer is obvious. They can buy directly from the video in real-time."

Ragz Pullovers currently offers their unique line of:

  • Adult Classic Pullovers
  • Adult Combo Pullovers
  • Adult Swim Coats
  • Castaway Cargo Pants and Towels
  • Kiddie Pullovers and Swim Coats

  • They have been featured on NBC San Diego's The Morning Show, with satisfied buyers all over the globe in countries like The US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, France, Australia, and the UK.


    About Ragz Pullovers
    During the Spring and Summer of 1985, a young swimmer, waterskier, surfer, boater and beach guy looked at his swim towel and had a vision of Ragz, the incredibly soft pullover.

    Taken from his swim towel and many hours of modifications came the first pullover from a chamois material. This product was tested by professional watersport athletes as well as specialty retailers. The pullovers proved to be the ultimate for warmth and comfort after being in the water, as well as an excellent form of wind protection.

    About rBux
    rBux is an online community of shoppers and sellers who are passionate about their products. rBux enables online stores to connect with their customers, and help reward customers for conversations that lead to sales. By placing a refer button on your online store, customers can share products easily with friends, and provide them with rewards when their referrals lead to sales.

    About VStore Shoppable Videos
    VStore is the answer to static and boring online experiences. It empowers you to add interactivity to your videos and make them shoppable! In other words, customers can buy directly from the video as your products naturally appear on the screen.

    They are currently being used by such household name brands as Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and Mark's.

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