Good Green Earth Partners with Easy Grow To Distribute Overseas to the UK and Europe

September 07, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Grimsby, UK - After expanding their reach from Canada into the US earlier this year, My Good Green Earth and their signature Bokashi Pro-Gro are now available overseas in The UK and Europe. They have formed an exciting new distribution partnership with Easy Grow, a leading horticultural and hydroponic distributor that reaches over 30 countries worldwide.

"I've been lucky enough to speak to growers from around the world, and they all want the same thing. They want reliable and affordable products that give them the best possible yield and predictable results. It's just that simple," said My Good Green Earth's Founder and CEO, Gary Crowell.

"We've put a lot of work into making sure that's exactly what we offer. And now thanks to our partnership with Easy Grow, we're now available to passionate growers in The UK and across Europe."

The new partnership will see Bokashi Pro-Gro available online on Easy Grow's website, as well as on the shelves in 300-400 stores in The UK, Belgium, France, Spain,Germany Finland Poland Russia and Portugal.

"We're already seeing a big demand for Good Green Earth's tremendous line of products. It's a classic win-win-win. We get to add another quality brand into our family, Good Green Earth gets to enter more markets, and most importantly, our customers get to buy an amazing product," said Simon Atkinson at Easy Grow Ltd.

Good Green Earth also offers the following products for retail buyers and commercial applications:

  • Bokashi Plus™
  • Bokashi Indoor Compost System
  • Ferminator Organic Plant Wash
  • Bokashi Pet Waste Compost Kit

  • Good Green Earth has seen rapid growth over the last few years. Their success has been driven by a strong social media presence, nearly unanimous 5-Star ratings across the board online, and a dedicated customer base that is more than happy to spread the good word to their friends and colleagues.


    About My Good Green Earth
    My Good Green Earth shares your desire to nurture strong and healthy growth in our gardens and in our communities.

    We are passionate about creating products that allow you to make a positive and sustainable choice for growing.

    Our mission is to improve the quality of gardening practices through research and innovation. This can only be done by developing products that are natural, organic and free from toxins and pesticides. Gardeners like you deserve the knowledge, tools, and ability to revitalize your soil and maximize your plants' full potential.

    About Easy Grow
    Easy Grow has been supplying horticultural and hydroponic wholesalers with high-quality grow products since 2005, to over 30 countries worldwide, priding themselves on providing premium quality hydroponic growing supplies for our customers.

    We have a wide range of products available for both the beginner and the expert gardener. Whether you are growing outside or inside with an indoor growing system, we have the gardening supplies you need. We supply a wide range of hydroponic products, including nutrients and additives, light-proof reflective foils and sheeting, natural CO2 enrichment bags and the original and best odour neutraliser on the market.

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