HUM Home & Cottage Water Systems Occupy the 'Sweet Spot' in Terms of Price, Quality, and Service

September 08, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Midland, ON - Over the last few years, Ontario has seen housing prices soar by as much as 30% in most markets, while cottage prices have exploded by more than 200% in some areas. This means that new property owners are looking to save money wherever they can.

That's why HUM Water Systems are perfect for budget-conscious home and cottage owners that are looking to add quality water systems, such as water softeners, or reverse osmosis drinking water systems, or Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems, or iron, sulphur and tannin filters for families on well water. Contrary to what you may think, it is possible to get a quality system without breaking the bank or sacrificing your water quality.

"When we talk about these water systems, we often use the Goldilocks analogy. These systems are just right when it comes to price, quality, service, and ease-of-installation," said Gary Beutler, founder of Water eStore.

"We have access to well over 20,000 different products. But these are the ones we always come back to. They're even the ones we use in our own homes."

The HUM line sells for hundreds of dollars less than comparable models because they don't come with the bells and whistles that can drive up a water system's price. These extra frills could include things like more complex controllers that would need to be replaced (every few years) at a cost of $450.00, compared to $250 for the less complex HUM controllers. These items cost more, even though they don't offer any real extra value to the average homeowner.

The more expensive units also tend to use proprietary parts like filters and brand-specific UV light bulbs. This means that instead of simply purchasing the filters easily at a local hardware store or water store, the brand-specific filters need to be sought out to be purchased at whatever cost the premium brand chooses.

"The more complexity you add to a high-cost water system, the more that can break down. I can tell you from experience that those LED readouts and cooling fans are the first things to go. And when they do, the buyer can have a tough time getting parts and repairing the unit."

"A more expensive system could easily cost you $300.00 more for the initial investment. But it can also add up to $3000.00 more over the 20-year life of the system, when you factor in the cost of replacement parts and maintenance."

Families can also take comfort in knowing that 90% of the HUM products are made in North America, and roughly 75% are made in Canada.


About Water eStore
Water eStore was founded by Gary Beutler (Gary the Water Guy) in January 2014 to satisfy the needs of viewers of the extremely popular Gary the Water Guy Youtube channel who were constantly asking how to get the water filtration products featured in his videos.

Gary says, "I love the water treatment industry and wanted to help families outside the borders of our bricks and mortar store, The Water Store in Midland, Ontario (cottage country North of Toronto), which we started in February 2003, to get the water filtration products they need to fix the water in their home, cottages and cabins for their families." We operate in Canada and in the USA each store offers FREE Shipping and Discount Pricing.

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