Cyber Security Industry Veteran, Robert D. Stewart, Launches White Tuque, A Boutique Cyber Risk & Protection Firm

September 21, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
[Barrie, ON] - In his roles of lead crisis manager and head of cyber incident response, Robert D Stewart spent much of last decade knowing anytime his phone rang it had the potential for chaos. From critical system outages to major cyber-attacks, Robert has experienced orchestrating responses to what most organizations hope to never be a part of. "I had one of the most intense jobs in the world, most people thought I was insane doing it, but I thrived on supporting cyber-defense and working with very talented team members."

These experiences were eye-opening for Stewart and led him to a number of startling discoveries about the overall state of cybersecurity in Canada, especially within unregulated industries. It made him realize how incredibly vulnerable small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are today to cyber-attacks.

"I was leading a team full of seasoned experts for organizations with unlimited resources. We saw the trouble that we were having, and asked ourselves, what chance does a company without these resources have? Almost none, really."

This revelation inspired Stewart to launch White Tuque - a cybersecurity boutique firm that will offer SMBs the techniques, strategies, and expertise that have helped to protect multinational organizations with incredibly complex networks.

Clients gain access to Stewarts' experience working for such high-stakes financial sector clients as BMO, high-profile gaming companies, and government agencies such as the Department of Defence. At the same time, clients also gain access to the collective knowledge of a team of experts, many of whom have worked for Fortune 500 companies and protected the biggest brands in the world.

"I'm particularly excited about the White Tuque team. The level of industry notoriety that some of our employees have will give us a whole new level of respect. Their diversity of experience alone will win us clients." said Stewart.

Stewart also added, "Our number one priority with White Tuque is to provide organizations of all sizes, a world-class partner with innovative ideas to minimize and mitigate cyber risk using an intelligence-driven methodology."

About White Tuque
White Tuque's mission is to give companies a trusted partner and a framework of best practices for cyber defence.

Now, SMBs have access to a battle-tested and crisis-proven team of Canada's leading cyber-security experts. White Tuque has made this level of protection affordable by condensing simple and repeatable tactics into a digestible and scalable format for organizations. These tactics are the backbone of what is currently protecting the financial industry, the gaming industry, and even The Department of Defence… And now, they're available to any business.

To learn more about White Tuque services you can reach out to them at info @ or visit their website at

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