SKYGrid Solutions is Poised to Disrupt the Work From Home (WFH) Sector With Innovative Cloud-Only Computers

September 28, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
[Innisfil, ON] - It's estimated that today's medium-sized organizations spend roughly 7% of their revenue on IT and supporting their network of computers. Some will spend considerably more. However, a new company is seeking to help companies slash these costs and simplify their operations. SKYGrid Solutions has recently raised seed funding via San Francisco based The Batchery to take their revolutionary cloud-only computers to market.

"Imagine a company with a network of thousands of users. They need to bring their entire computer workforce up to date, but they can't afford to stop daily operations to do so. Now picture how complex and costly it will be to set up and integrate new computers, while maintaining security without business interruption," said Sam Medic, Owner/ Founder of SKYGrid Solutions.

"SKYGrid solutions can eliminate these problems. When our networking hub plugs into an electrical outlet and is connected to high-speed Internet, it provides connectivity to a limitless cloud-based server farm. Your users also get a simple, secure, and robust computer that will never need to be manually maintained or updated."

SKYGrid does not need any local computer hardware, has a zero boot time and 100% connectivity. The Internet connects directly to the HUB which transfers the signal throughout your entire electrical circuit. Users can connect the hub to the internet via Cable, ADSL/ VDSL, or Fiber. Unlike regular PC's or even thin clients that require local hardware to take advantage of increased internet speed with SKYGrid as internet speeds increase, so does the speed of their Cloud Workstations and Cloud Laptops. Their devices instantly connect to the HUB, giving you unprecedented speed and connectivity to the servers with no dead zones, no downtime, and only a single wire power cord.

"SKYGrid has the potential to completely reshape the marketplace, while changing how major companies think about their network security and their employees' hardware in a work from home environment," said Chris Adams, Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR), DMZ Innisfil.

"The more time, money, and resources you're using to maintain your existing fleet of computers, the more seriously you need to look at SKYGrid. They can help you remove all of the unnecessary costs and complications, and replace it with a simplified machine that will only get faster and more secure over time."

SKYGrid Solutions innovative technology can help businesses reduce or eliminate:

  • The time, resources, and downtime associated with updating and maintaining their fleet of staff computers
  • The space, staff, and electricity required to maintain on-site server rooms
  • The security vulnerabilities of on-site servers
  • The direct and indirect costs of hiring an entire IT staff

  • "We're already seeing tremendous demand for SKYGrid. They have already received a substantial pre-order from an international company with over 1,300 employees. They recognize that switching to SKYGrid can literally save them millions of dollars," said Andy Rutherford of The Batchery.

    "With a choice of offerings SKYGrid has something to suit all sizes and stages of companies. I am particularly excited that SKYGrid has found a way to offer the full benefits of their solution whilst allowing customers to leverage their existing cloud infrastructure. This is a game changer because it makes it a no-brainer decision to move to SKYGrid "

    "We expect things to take off very quickly for this company, and we're excited to see what the future holds for SKYGrid." said Jeff Wallace, also of The Batchery.


    About SKYGrid Solutions
    SKYGrid is a global-minded Canadian company that is committed to helping transition businesses, institutions, and governments to streaming their computer work with our innovative, green-friendly, cloud-only work streaming technology.

    SKYGrid will make work streaming stations and streamed operating systems common practice for the global work community to reduce financial, hardware, and energy waste.

    We provide a fusion of cloud-only hardware and virtual desktop streaming services that drastically reduces IT costs, improves security, and reduces energy consumption. SkyGRID speeds up the process of deploying new users, hardware, and software from days to minutes.

    We manage the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, upgrades, and security. This ensures you get unmatched security, simplicity, speed, and mobility. The PCoIP protocol compresses, encrypts, and encodes the entire computing experience at the data center and transmits it across the IP network to your SkyGRID workstation. PCoIP delivers government-level security with end-to-end AES 128/256 encryption and decryption.

    About The Batchery
    The Batchery is a diverse community of more than 40 well-connected and experienced business leaders.

    Their unique approach to incubating startups brings deep expertise, a diverse network and just in time resources.

    The Batchery combines Silicon Valley innovation with Berkeley attitude to give startups what they need to succeed. We will help them take their ideas and transform them into thriving businesses.

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