GoEasyCare Saves Ontario's Healthcare Organizations Thousands of Hours Each Year

September 28, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
[Toronto, ON] - The pandemic has put an unprecedented amount of stress on an already overstretched healthcare system in Ontario, and this stress is not just limited to frontline workers.

Healthcare administration, Developmental Services, and Long Term Care human resource departments across Ontario have struggled to manage the skyrocketing volume of overtime and sick days. However, help is on the way. GoEasyCare helps healthcare providers with groundbreaking workflow automation that can save them countless labour hours, particularly when it comes to sick days and filling those shifts.

"One of our clients had 10 to 12 supervisors spending 4 - 6 hours a week each doing nothing but trying to fill shifts," said Paul Wright, President & CEO of GoEasyCare.

"Some of their highest-paid employees were spending all of that time calling people, carefully going through the list, and trying desperately to find someone who can take these shifts. We were able to give them 90% of that time back."

When it comes to filling shifts, the biggest challenge that any direct support professional (DSP) faces is remaining compliant with labour laws and union regulations to ensure that all the proper steps are taken. GoEasyCare's innovative learning algorithm factors in the unique requirements for unions (such as CUPE, OPSEU, or SEIU) to create a dynamic calling list, and then auto-calls the employees in the appropriate order. This removes the time wasted and the human error from the process, while also freeing up DSPs to focus on other tasks.

"Thanks to GoEasyCare, on a monthly basis, we're able to dedicate an additional 1.5 weeks to value-added management such as recruitment, candidate interviews, checking references, onboarding, performance appraisals and training," said Lauren Milsale, Human Resources Scheduler, Community Living –Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln (CL-GLWL).

Switching to GoEasyCare also enabled CL-GLWL to cut their scheduling costs by 75%, while reducing the time spent on scheduling from 10 days a month to 1.5.

GoEasyCare's powerful and adaptive solutions could completely automate this entire process:

  • A given employee calls in sick and provides the required info
  • The system records that sick day and changes that shift to a sick code, visually represented with a different colour on the schedule
  • The employee's sick bank and payroll are automatically adjusted
  • The appropriate supervisors are notified, with no human intervention required
  • The system runs a complex rules engine to determine who can qualify to fill the shift, factoring in things like each candidate's seniority, location orientation, availability, full-time/part-time status, and recent schedule/overtime etc.
  • With the list created, the system auto-calls each candidate in the appropriate order
  • An employee accepts the shift and they're added to the schedule with a full audit trail available.
  • Payroll, and all other systems, are updated automatically

  • The GoEasyCare system is an invaluable tool for teams trying to manage employees across a single site, or organizations in the developmental services sector that have to manage a widely distributed workforce across 80 or more locations at any given time.

    "We have anytime-anywhere access to the accurate, current, cloud-based schedules that GoEasyCare created for us, plus more time and the ability to really focus on managing, recruiting and training," said Misale.

    Anyone interested in seeing what the GoEasyCare solution can do for their organization is invited to click here and additionaly interact with us at Community Living Ontario - AGM Virtual Conference 2021 on Thursday September 30th.


    About GoEasyCare
    GoEasyCare was designed with organizations like yours in mind. We understand the complexities that come with managing payroll and schedules for a variety of facilities spread over a large area in the country. With this well-designed and easy-to-use software, those challenges fade away completely.

    With our fully responsive software, your entire team receives instant notifications the moment you make a schedule change. Instruct your staff to call the automated system and report their sick status, our telephony system answers the call for you and updates the schedule accordingly and even calls the replacement staff in the appropriate sequence following all of your rules without you. When you don't have to update your payroll systems, the employee schedules, and HR criteria manually, you will have more time to deal with what really matters.

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