FCS' Tom Marchese Issues One of Canada's First ULC S-1001 Certificates For Integrated Systems Testing

October 12, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
[Barrie, ON] - Tom Marchese, PMP, P.Eng completed a unique milestone in Canadian fire safety history earlier this week. After completing one of Canada's first assessments for ULC S-1001 - Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, he officially issued one of Canada's first S-1001 certificates.

"This was obviously one of the first of many assessments that will be done in Canada. If you are building a new facility, or making a substantial change, the odds are good that your municipality will require an S-1001 assessment," said Marchese.

The new S-1001 standard was developed to meet the needs of the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and the National Fire Code of Canada (NFCC) for integrated systems testing of fire protection and life safety systems, and the fire protection and life safety functions of other systems.

The S-1001 standard was officially added in June of 2020, with each respective municipality across Canada setting its own timeline for when tests will be implemented. The integrated test is still a very new concept to most building owners and managers, which is why Marchese says education is very important at this point.

"Everyone is still learning. Even I am still learning the things that I can do to help guide building owners and managers through a very involved process. If I could take one lesson away from the first assessment, it would be the importance of the S- 537 verification document," said Marchese.

"The S-537 is a document that is normally issued when a fire panel goes in. It's a pretty extensive test. Having the S-537 helps everything run smoothly. In project management speak, it puts you on the critical path. This is the final step before the S-1001. "

Right now, your municipality's building department will require an S-1001 test when you file for a building permit. If you file a permit today, they're going to ask you for your Integrated Test coordinator (ITC). Some may even want to see a full test coordination plan before they even issue a permit.

If you already have a permit, the building department will ask you at occupancy. If you are planning a staged occupancy, things may get more complicated and you should consult with an ITC or fire consulting company ASAP. On the other hand, the fire department will now be asking for your S-1001 if you're making substantial changes to your building that will impact the life safety systems.

Marchese brings a very diverse background and skill set to the FCS - Fire Consulting Services team. His 25-year career has seen him act as a Broker of Record, a Professional Consulting Engineer (P.Eng) and a Professional Project Manager (PMP) for various organizations. He initially joined the FCS Fire Consulting team in a project management role, but soon found himself transitioning to becoming FCS's Engineer of Record.

"Michele is just the wisest entrepreneur that I've ever met. She put me in an amazing position to be able to redefine my career. I had always wanted to learn more about building systems. Things like the HVAC, the life safety systems, the generator systems, and how they all tie in together. Of course, the fire panel is the heart and soul of all of that."

He added that he is really enjoying the hands-on nature of his new role and being on-site to perform assessments.

"Doing the actual assessments means being in the field. And it means scaling buildings. It means going into 30 storey buildings and walking them, which has been amazing. I really enjoy that side of things"


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FCS holds a Certificate of Authorization (C of A) from Professional Engineers Ontario. FCS is also Canada's first ULC listed S-1001 Integrated Systems Testing Service Provider, and one of the leading authorities on all elements of the Ontario Fire Code (OFC) and code retrofits.

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