White Tuque Names Cyber-Intel Expert Iris Wang Head of Intelligence and Analysis

October 19, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
[Toronto, ON] - White Tuque has named Iris Wang as their Head of Intelligence and Analysis in their latest step towards building out their boutique firm, which aims to protect clients from threats with Intelligence driven methodology to mitigate cyber risk. Wang's name is highly known and respected in the industry, and she will now offer the expertise she acquired working for government agencies and world-class financial institutions to the Small-to-Medium-Sized Business (SMB) sector.

"Security and intelligence should be essential commodities, not some luxury only afforded by big corporations. There are ways to do that," said Wang.

Wang will lead the efforts to build the intelligence program of White Tuque, which will touch all other aspects of the company's offerings. She will lead their mission to make cyber intelligence affordable and attainable by designing services that help SMBs ​​operate securely and efficiently.

"We want to enable and empower our clients to help them develop their own intel capabilities. We want to demystify intelligence to give them something simple, actionable, relevant, and useful," said Wang.

White Tuque is a boutique cyber-risk and protection firm that seeks to bring enterprise-level cybersecurity services and risk assessments to small to medium-sized businesses that have traditionally been challenged to defend themselves from sophisticated cyber-attacks. They are focused on taking the best practices and strategies that protect some of the most targeted organizations in the world and sizing them to fit the needs of any sized organization.

"To have someone with Iris' reputation, integrity and skillset to build an intelligence organization within White Tuque is a dream come true, to say the least. In every conversation or interaction I have had with Iris, one thing has been clear, protecting people and doing the right thing always came first," said Robert D Stewart, Founder and CEO of White Tuque.

"To say that Iris Wang's and White Tuque values align would be an understatement."

White Tuque COO and VP of Cyber Risk & Assurance Kevin Sandschafer added that, "When I heard Rob had secured a meeting with Iris to discuss White Tuque, I was simply hoping she would give us consideration."

"I knew if we had an opportunity to bring her in, it would immediately give us industry credibility, someone with passion, and someone who would work to ensure we would do the right thing for our clients. With Iris, it wasn't simply that she brings experience to the table, it's what she brings on top of that. Her vision of how White Tuque could disrupt an industry by enabling our clients to develop their own intelligence capability, rather than spoon-feeding them, was truly inspiring and what White Tuque is all about. We are very lucky to have her."

When asked what drew her to White Tuque, Wang said that she looks forward to the chance to have a true impact.

"I just feel like this is the opportunity to actually use intelligence to do something, and make people's lives better," said Wang.

"People love intelligence because it's fun. It's interesting. But people also tend to forget that the most valuable information or intelligence is what's actionable. You need to be able to take that intel and then perform some kind of action based on it, whether it's defending your infrastructure or improving your security posture."

"I know I have a lot of value and a reputation in this field. I don't throw my name down to support something, unless I truly believe in it. I believe in White Tuque's vision and share its values. That's why I'm a part of White Tuque."


About White Tuque
White Tuque's mission is to give companies a trusted partner and a framework of best practices for cyber defence. We are a boutique team with expertise in cyber-risk, cyber-protection and intelligence.

Now, SMBs have access to a battle-tested and crisis-proven team of Canada's leading cyber-security experts. White Tuque has made this level of protection affordable by condensing simple and repeatable tactics into a digestible and scalable format for all organizations. These tactics are the backbone of what is currently protecting the financial industry, the gaming industry, and even The Department of Defence… And now, they're available to any business.

To learn more about White Tuque services you can reach out to them at info@whitetuque.com or visit their website at https://whitetuque.com/.

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