Noleak Defence Closes a Major Deal To Protect Over 150,000 People With 3000 Cameras & Behaviour Analysis

October 26, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
[Toronto, ON] - Today's security cameras are incredibly advanced with cutting-edge optical zoom and imaging capabilities. However, the industry still struggles with costly false alarms and false positives due to human error.

But what if you could eliminate errors completely by adding advanced AI-powered human behaviour analysis to your existing systems? What if you could reduce your costs by 90% by replacing human operators?

NoLeak's Defence's revolutionary Agatha behaviour analysis is an AI-based system that detects anomalous behaviour. It learns the regular behaviour patterns in a location and reacts if this behaviour falls outside normal patterns.

"Our clients used to struggle with a lot of problems. Their technology was reactive, instead of preventative. There were a lot of false positives and they also needed to spend a lot of time configuring those systems," said Rafael Libardi, CEO of NoLeak Defence.

"But with our solution, you just need to connect your cameras and Agatha will learn by itself. It's a first-of-its-kind product. It is 100% self-learning, so there is no need to train a huge data set. After two weeks, Agatha has learned how to protect your environment."

They have already seen tremendous results with their first major client, Focusport. They added Agatha to over 3,000 security cameras. As a result, they saw:

  • An increase in efficiency, with a ratio of filtered anomalies of 99.996%
  • An increase in efficacy, with 100% of all simulations flagged as anomalies
  • A staff cost reduction of over $500,000 USD per year
  • Remarkable performance, with alerts received in just a few seconds

  • "Agatha will enable my business to reduce my final price, improve my service offering and scale faster," said Walter Uvo, CEO of Focusport.

    He added, "Agatha is what solves the video monitoring problem."

    The technology has already been recognized with a number of awards, such as being awarded The Most Ambitious Start-up of the Year by NEXT. AI Canada recognized it as a solution that may improve the lives of more than 1 Billion people by Singularity University. At the same time, they were also selected for NVIDIA Inception, NVIDIA's latest program to help AI global startups and scaleups grow their businesses and scale.

    NoLeak recently received an investment from Brinks that will enable them to further improve their technology and to make the product ready for production deployment in smart cities. They have also received $400,000 in other equity-free grants.

    The innovative technology completely removes any of the profiling bias (such as racial, gender, age, or social) that can come from traditional surveillance techniques. Their solutions also comply with privacy guidelines and requirements, as NoLeak does not leverage the sensitive data collected for any purpose other than protecting the environment itself.

    Anyone interested in investing in Agatha or partnering with NoLeak Defence is invited to contact

    About NoLeak Defence
    We use AI to transform security cameras into security officers by applying human behaviour analysis to detect risks.

    NoLeak Agatha is an AI-based system that identifies suspicious actions and behaviours from cameras. It correlates events from several cameras in real-time, creating a risk score for monitored environments. It can be tailored to detect any human behaviour in several markets, solving problems that existent video analytics cannot solve.

    NoLeak Gait Recognition is a Canadian artificial intelligence system that can identify people through the way they walk (Gait Recognition), without the need for facial recognition or any other biometrics. It can be used as access control, people recognition in aerial images from drones and helicopters, and also in the forensic investigation of incidents.

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