I2A2 Trains Young Tech Entrepreneurs and Employees to Help Address the Soft Skills Gap in the A.I. Sector

November 16, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
[Toronto, ON] - Anyone that has worked in the technology sector can attest to the fact that people are very rarely born with both a technical mind and entrepreneurial mindset. As a result, there is currently a well-publicized soft skills gap in highly technical industries such as artificial intelligence (AI).

The I2A2 - Institute of Artificial Intelligence was founded to help address this gap. They are focused on partnering with universities to help young people succeed in the AI job market, or start their own companies. The initiative was founded by Evandro Barros, who is also the CEO of DATA H, a leading AI relationship builder that creates AI ventures in partnership with the most innovative companies and the best scientists worldwide.

"The people that gravitate towards technical fields aren't always the ones that like to do a lot of talking. We help them with their communications skills and other soft skills so they can better communicate their innovative ideas," said Evandro Barros, CEO of DATA H - Artificial Intelligence Inc and Founder of The I2A2.

"Since the beginning of my career as a Health and Safety engineer, I've always worked with data to predict accidents and always had the understanding of how they could be powerful to avoid accidents," said Tarcisio Caddah, Health and Safety and Innovation Engineer.

"After knowing Evandro Barros… We realized we have in front of us one unique opportunity to change these numbers. And more, we do have a mission because we do know behind each loss are lives that must be protected."

Caddah's health and safety data is now making a difference for major companies such as FedEx Brazil.

One of I2A2's key missions is to remove The Permission Paradox that young talent faces, wherein you can't get the job without the experience, but you can't get the experience without the job. Young talent is given the chance to build their experience and make themselves more marketable to employers, or even investors.

One firm that has definitely benefited from I2A2's talent base is Synkar, one of the fastest-growing robotics and autonomous vehicles companies in the world right now.

"At Synkar, we are trying to find more talent for the robotics sector, and that's not a very huge market. So we are working with I2A2 to find talent and people that are maybe seeking a path in robotics or in AI, and maybe they don't have the means right now to pursue a career in that field," said Matheus João Accoroni Theodoro, Co-Founder and CEO of Synkar Autonomous.

"We're now able to find these people, bring them on board, and help them in their pursuit of knowledge, while helping them to build the experience to start their careers."

They have also created crucial partnerships with educational institutions and business incubators, such as Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone (DMZ).

"Celso Azevedo & Evandro are innovative founders who are thinking outside the box to bring artificial intelligence to their peer entrepreneurs. I2A2 is allowing startups and scaleups to leverage AI by offering their services at deeply discounted prices to the tech ecosystem through their partnership with the DMZ," said Sweeny D'souza, Partners Success Lead at DMZ.

"The team at I2A2 is creating solutions for technical minds to develop and enhance their entrepreneurial mindsets, a huge part of which is improving their people skills."

I2A2's free 6-month training program includes such areas as:

  • AI for Manufacturing
  • AI for Financial Market
  • AI for Robotic
  • AI for Medical Images
  • AI for Business
  • AI for Cyber Security

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    About I2A2
    Founded in 2017 to help universities train new professionals for the artificial intelligence market, the I2A2 - Institute of Artificial Intelligence has acted worldwide, selecting, training and mainly updating professionals, reducing the impact of new technologies in the job market.

    We provide young people with the opportunity to start their careers in tech and AI by giving them real-world experience under the guidance of proven industry veterans. They not only gain experience, but they also benefit from the synergy of being around other like-minded people, and business contacts that can launch their careers, or their own startups.

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