Healthy recipes with European Olives to pamper yourself with food in the new year / The comfort food your health deserves in 2022

December 21, 2021 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New York - The turn of the year is a perfect opportunity to welcome healthy and nutritious foods such as European Olives that help us lead a healthier and more stimulating diet. A turning point that asks us to renew and take care of ourselves through food. In this sense, the versatile table olive becomes a perfect ally to leave behind the winter and the rich Holiday meals because a healthy diet begins with choosing the right food.

The "queen of the Mediterranean diet" is a delicious and healthy option because of its many benefits, besides it's a round product (in every way) that makes other foods better such as chicken, beef, salmon, rice, fish, quinoa, pasta, octopus, hummus, chocolate or avocado.

Likewise, it is a generator of trends and fits into movements such as "slow food", which promotes the dissemination of a new philosophy that combines pleasure and knowledge, claiming the quality and origin of millenary products such as European Olives. Because when you include this versatile fruit in your dishes you feel better and you enjoy what you eat in a more conscious and relaxed way.

No food so small offers so many culinary possibilities. Its particular sensory universe transports you to the essence of the Mediterranean Diet without having to leave the table. A superfood that pairs perfectly with all kinds of ingredients, giving way to countless dishes and dressings and it contains an explosion of flavors: bitter, sweet, salty and acid. In addition, they can be found in countless formats: whole, sliced, without pit …

What is more comfortable and delicious than preparing some noodles with the Mediterranean touch of European olives? Or more relaxing than spending time to make your poke and top it with some olive slices?

In this sense, the promotional campaign "Put Europe at your table, Have an Olive day! with olives from Spain" promoted by Interaceituna and the EU, offers you a trio of irresistible preparations that should not be missing from your diet if you want to achieve the healthy goal that you have set for yourself. This year there is no excuse to take care of yourself with foods that pamper you like the European Olives:




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