Legalization debate in Germany: Cannabis expert Cannify becomes Enua Pharma GmbH / The start-up has been on the market for four years and is now one of the largest cannabis retailers in Germany

February 01, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Everyone deserves to have access to cannabis. It was with this vision that Lars Möhring and Markus Musiol launched Enua Pharma GmbH in June 2018. The start-up was founded four years ago and has developed into one of the largest cannabis retailers in Germany. With the new government's plans for legalization, this leading role should also be expanded to incorporate the recreational market due to strong growth potential in what is Europe's largest cannabis market. That's why Cannify becomes the Enua Pharma GmbH. "Changing the name to Enua Pharma creates an even higher level of recognition for us and is already helping to build a brand in the billion-dollar market of recreational cannabis," says Lars Möhring, founder of Enua Pharma. "Four years ago, we entered a pioneer market as a million-dollar startup representing one of the ten largest retailers of medical cannabis in Germany. As soon as the government legalizes cannabis, we want to pave the way for the recreational market. We have the license for cannabis – and now we also have a new name." For more information, visit:

By creating easy and sustainable access tocannabis, the Enua Pharma GmbH focuses on the positive effects of cannabis for health and well-being. "As a cannabis company, our goal for the Enua Pharma GmbH is to supply the rapidly growing market," says Markus Musiol, founder of Enua Pharma. "Four years' experience in the medical field have endowed us with expertise that will now be transferred to the recreational market, and help to fulfill supply in a safe, holistic and responsible way. Cannabis needs to lose the stigma."

"A negative connotation is still attached to cannabis in this country. Yet the plant presents opportunities to improve people's quality of life, especially in the medical field. Time and again, these people tell us that a certain medication led to side effects and that cannabis could provide relief here," as Lars Möhring tells us. "At the same time, we don't have to create demand in the recreational market. It already exists. All the new government would have to do is transform the black market into a regulated, legal market. This is something we at Enua Pharma would also like to help with."

A reliable partner for future challenges
In only four years, Enua Pharma has successfully established itself as a reliable partner in the medical cannabis market. With a seven-figure funding, the start-up is also backed by strong partners such as angel investors Kyan Noack, Feliks Eyser, Tim Keding, Ari Bizimis and healthcare entrepreneur Wolfgang Hoever. As recently as August 2021, a seven-figure investment was collected in a second seed round. Another round is planned for 2022.

"We aim to get 2022 off to an ambitious start and finish it with a high seven-digit turnover. We'd like to raise further debt capital in 2022 with a Serious A financing round. This capital will serve to expand the product range and to lay the foundation for upcoming cannabis legalization," says Lars Möhring.

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