COVID-19 Testing Without Having to Wait in line: A German Startup Shows How it Works

February 02, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Kiel -
● Not enough Covid testing sites. The result: waiting in line for hours to get a test.
● Video-supervised online tests are a solution. A German startup shows how it's done!

It' s the same picture everywhere: long lines of people who have to wait for hours to get tested, no matter what the weather is like. In some cases, people have to travel long distances to the next testing site. And they may already be infectious while sitting on buses and trains and waiting in line with others in front of the testing site.

But a startup from Germany now shows how the process can be done differently: fully video-supervised online testing is the solution! Thousands of people already use the service every day, with partners that include major companies such as Deutsche Lufthansa.

Yet, how does it work? First of all, users buy their own test kit that meets the requirements of the relevant health authorities. In Germany, these are the Robert Koch Institute and Paul Ehrlich Institute. The provider offers approved rapid antigen tests in its portfolio, all of which, according to the current state of research, also reliably detect the omicron variant. COTEON has the flexibility to provide FDA approved test kits. In a next step, customers then book the certified test online. Using an Online ID verification procedure together with a valid identification document, test persons are required to confirm their identity. Then they position their smartphone accordingly and carry out the self-test in front of the camera. The sample must remain visible on the screen for the next 15 minutes, while the person conducting the test is able to proceed with another activity in the meantime. The final test result must be visibly held up to the camera. Afterwards, trained staff controls 24/7 whether the self-test has been carried out correctly. Finally, within one hour, the test certificate is sent to the customer via email.

The renowned German technical expert TÜV audited the online testing process of and evaluated it to be " safe and comprehensible". TÜV is a leading testing service provider that conducts safety checks in Germany and other countries worldwide in its role as a technical testing organization.

Verified virtual testing services can close the gap caused by the limited testing capacities of the testing sites. In addition, online testing is quickly scalable, so a combination of a hybrid strategy of stationary and virtual testing could be used to react to new developments much more quickly.

COTEON GmbH emerged from care integral GmbH, which has been a reliable partner to medical wholesalers in Germany and beyond since 2009. Together with its partner unizell Medicare, it serves customers from the pharmacy, medical supply store and wholesale sectors and distributes, among others, the forma-care brand worldwide. At, COTEON offers an online testing procedure with a variety of approved rapid antigen tests. By using web-based ID authentication, conducting a rapid test in the privacy of your own home and having video agents expertly review the testing process, every citizen can receive an official certificate of their test result within one hour.
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