The European Olive, a nutritious and delicious option for the sweetest bites / The "round" ending that deserves a memorable evening

March 09, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
"There is always a good reason to get together, celebrate and enjoy pleasant moments with your loved ones around a dish containing European olives and savor the Mediterranean aroma in all its splendor". For renowned chef José Andrés, when a product as vibrant and differentiating as European olive is incorporated into preparations such as desserts, "much more than food is being offered: well-being, health and happiness are being provided".

This thousand-year-old fruit, which continues to adapt to the demands of the American consumer, is one of the most appreciated ingredients in European gastronomy. Its versatility allows it to be integrated into infinite preparations, enhancing sweet snacks such as cookies, mug cakes and crêpes, enjoying them in a fuller, more relaxed and guilt-free way. In this sense, there are few elaborations more comforting than a delicious and healthy dessert based on European olives, that puts the cherry on top of an unforgettable meal. The combination with chocolate, for example, is unbeatable!

Likewise, its particular sensory universe (combines the four basic flavors: bitter, sweet, salty and acid) transports you to the essence of the Mediterranean Diet without having to leave the table. A superfood that pairs perfectly with all kinds of ingredients, giving rise to countless desserts that contain an explosion of flavors. In addition, they can be found in countless formats: whole, sliced, boneless, stuffed and with hundreds of dressings or seasonings.
The difference between just another dessert and a memorable dessert is choosing quality products with the best organoleptic characteristics and healthy properties, such as the inimitable European olive. A product that is available to everyone, on any shelf of your trusted supermarket or local store, and that can be purchased in large quantities, as they are very easy to store.

Food is a vehicle for expressing feelings and the European olive is capable of channeling them through creations as fascinating and healthy as these offered by the promotional campaign "Put Europe at your table, Have an Olive day! with olives from Spain." Some proposals that will elevate your desserts, guilt-free, with the "golden touch" of the sensation of the get together, the charismatic European olive.


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