March 3rd Anniversaries for National Anthem, US Mint and Anti-Obscenity Comstock Law

March 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
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Contact: Crystal Syben Haidl, editor, UnConventional Books

(Philadelphia, March 3, 2006) March 3rd is America’s most underappreciated day of patriotism. When UnConventional Book’s editor, Crystal Syben Haidl, designated the third day of the third month as International Threesome Observance Day in 2003 to promote her book about sexual fantasy and experience in mainstream America, she had no idea how significant the date was to America’s commemorative icons of nationalism and freedom. The date is the triumvirate anniversaries for our hymnal of pride (Star-Spangled Banner, 75th year of its adoption), our system of commerce (the standardization of money , US Mint, 215th commemoration) and our policies on sex (133rd year since Comstock, the anti-US mail obscenity policy, was made law). That particular threesome of money, sex and national song, pretty much put the icing on Haidl’s cake, not only for International Threesome Observance Day, but for her recent grass roots campaign to publicize the growing FCC and corporate restrictions against freedom of sexual speech: Operation Phone Sex. She’s betting that American’s do want to put their “penny for (their) thoughts” in favor of sexual conversation, given the chance.

While International Threesome Observance Day is designed as a fun way to tout the cultural prevalence of the number three (sun, moon, earth; our traffic light etc) and to focus on the merits of socio-erotic understanding, Operation Phone Sex takes a political stance. Haidl’s book III (THREE): The Fantasy And Experience Of Threesome Sex ( found her fighting against increasing restrictions on sexual content on FCC concerned- radio stations, Internet-based companies like E-Bay/PayPal, Share-a-Sale, PRWeb and PRFree, and even US printers concerned about employee community standards rights and offending a conservative client base. She is encouraging 333 Americans to spend 33 minutes with her talking about sexual feeling, with the promise that they’ll in turn try to talk with 3 people over the next 30 days.

Says Haidl, “I’d talk to 3-million people by phone if I had the time. It’s a wonderful experience to talk to
people about sex. But sexuality is being treated as contraband in the US, when it’s candidly the most patriotic, basic theme for the human race.” March 3rd is the only date in the Gregorian calendar whose numerical month day symbol 3/03 is the same as the number of days remaining in the year (365-(31-28-3)= 303.) Coining a term
from George Bernard Shaw when his books were deemed illegal by the Comstock Law, Haidl hopes that “the land of the free and the home of the brave” will recognize sooner than later the danger in current censorship policy.

About Crystal Syben Haidl
Crystal Syben Haidl is a civic advocate and publisher of UnConventional Books. III (Three): The Fantasy And Experience Of Threesome Sex( is a limited print Collector’s Edition ISBN 0-9718392-1-2. Continuing the series in 2007: II (Two): The Intercourse of Coupling and Opposition , I (One): The Sexual History of Self. ##