Spanish remains the most popular language to learn in the US, Lingoda research shows / Celebrating Spanish and English Language Day on April 23

April 20, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
MIAMI, April 20, 2022 - Lingoda (, the popular online language school offering live and online group and private classes available 24/7 with the support of 1,500 qualified, native-speaking teachers, recently found that more than one-third of U.S.-based learners are taking Spanish-language classes. As of 2022, Spanish is the most popular language to learn.

With this in mind and to celebrate Spanish and English Language Day on April 23, Lingoda is offering 25% off on all Spanish and English classes. For one week, starting on April 23 onwards and ending on April 30, participants can enter the promo code LanguageDay25 to receive 25% off all Spanish, English and Business English group classes.

"The most popular language to learn by our customers in the United States is Spanish," says Mike Shangkuan, CEO of Lingoda. "At Lingoda, we're happy to see our U.S.-based students branch out and commit to learning another language. We believe this is the kind of activity that builds bridges between cultures and it is our mission as a company to help build and strengthen these ties through language learning," said Shangkuan.

Around 78% of the population in the United States doesn't speak a second language other than English ( Most people's professional and social lives are dominated by the English language. But there are also around 66 million residents in the United States ( who speak another language at home. In fact, the most widely spoken language after English in the United States is Spanish with around 41.5 million speakers in the United States (, an amount almost equal in number to the total population of Spain. And with the number of Spanish speakers in the United States up by about 233% ( since 1980, Spanish remains the most widely known second language there.

And even though a relatively high number of U.S. residents speak only one language - mostly English - 43% of the nation still believes that it is important to learn as many languages as possible, according to YouGov studies (

In a country where speaking a second language is not mandatory, what makes so many people still want to learn Spanish when they are not growing up in a bilingual setting (

Lingoda students were asked about their personal reasons for learning a foreign language. About 47% of respondents stated speaking in another language with colleagues, friends, family or neighbors as a motivation, while 21% of them said they picked it up as a hobby.

"Our students have shared incredible stories about wanting to get in touch with their heritage or learning Spanish to connect with family, friends or neighbors whose first language may not be English," notes Shangkuan. "With Lingoda we want to foster a world of inclusion, understanding and celebrating each other's differences. And with Spanish and English Language Day being commemorated nationwide in the United States on April 23, we want to honor those who speak and learn these two languages."

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Susanne Börensen
International PR Manager 

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