Dexvers DXVS Token Officially on Public Sale

May 01, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dexvers is a new, advanced, Polygon-based decentralized crypto exchange enriched with automated market-making features, superior analytics, and elite customer service. Dexvers has partnered up with Welthee, an investment platform that offers its users the latest on and off-chain investment opportunities.

Welthee's crypto projects will be launched exclusively on Dexvers, ensuring that the Dexvers users get early access to the future of finance and the newest traditional investment opportunities, while Welthee users get a doorway to crypto and the newest on-chain projects.

Apart from premium features, Dexvers offers participation in its Marketing Match program - a place where crypto start-ups get financial support opportunities for up to $1.000.000 worth of DXVS tokens. Early token investors will be the first to vote on funding allocation, plus they will get to purchase Dexvers tokens at a special discounted price.

Dexvers is one of the few platforms to bring DeFi 2.0 features to the market. In addition to these, Dexvers boasts unique features in development - such as a presale token market and liquidity token market that would enable users to stake real-world assets in this crypto ecosystem.

As a proprietary token, DXVS will support the entire Dexvers ecosystem, and its value is expected to surge shortly after the official launch. During the public sale, the token is available in bundles, with starting token price of $0.10.

The Dexvers team is working to make Dexvers one of the most streamlined and user-friendly platforms in the crypto trading industry. The focus is on improving UX and UI in comparison to other decentralized exchanges, while at the same time, offering new features and a meritocratic approach to community building.

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