Muskoka Service Center is the First Garage in Muskoka-Haliburton to Convert Traditional Gas-Powered Vehicles to Electric

May 03, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
[Muskoka, ON] - The Government of Canada has set a target for all new light-duty cars and passenger trucks to be zero-emission by 2035. This has countless Canadians looking to the future and imagining themselves in electric cars.

But what if you didn't have to give up your current favourite vehicle? What if you could just convert it to electric? You can!

The Muskoka Service Center in Dwight has become the first garage in the Muskoka area to specialize in EV conversions and converting our traditional gas-guzzling vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles.

"Because there hasn't really been a lot of electric vehicles to purchase, a lot of people are coming to us for electric vehicle conversions," said Doug Carr, Muskoka Service Center owner.

"People have their vehicles, and they love their vehicles. So, they come to us with something like a Volkswagen Van and we can convert it. We have also worked with ŠKODA, as well as both car and truck models."

Carr added that they have worked on other types of vehicles, including recently converting an ATV to electric.

It was recently reported that the demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed over the past two years. A year ago, EV sales accounted for about 2% of all car sales. However, recently we have seen that figure jump to just under 5% of light-duty vehicles like SUVs and sedans. The demand is certainly there, but the supply is not. The well-documented global supply chain issues are forcing would-be car owners to wait months for their new vehicles. These mass delays have people taking a closer look at vehicle conversions instead.

At the same time, vehicle owners are often very sentimentally attached to what they're driving right now, particularly if they're driving an exotic import. The prospect of investing in an EV conversion now is far more appealing than taking their chances on the availability of coveted models and overall inventory down the line.

Muskoka Service Center has been serving the broader Muskoka community since 2012, while Carr has personally been working with electric vehicles since 1992. They frequently get customers from as far north as North Bay, with many loyal customers that bring their vehicles all the way from the GTA to Muskoka. Carr is also well-known in the area as a local import specialist.

"I have people track me down all the time for things like MGBs or Jaguars. BMWs of course and Audi. Also Land Rovers and things that a lot of other guys won't touch."

If you're interested in an EV conversion, you're encouraged to get in touch with Muskoka Service Center at (705) 635-3510, or You can also speak with them in person at 2869 Hwy 60 in Dwight.


About Muskoka Service Center
We provide automotive repairs at our garage in Muskoka. The mechanics at our shop have over 35 years of automotive repairs experience. They are dedicated to providing high-quality repairs to keep you safe and happy. We also offer a certified electric/hybrid vehicle service/repair center.

We are your trusted source for brake service, oil & filter changes, inspections, tires and rims, as well as electrical diagnostics. We can also help you with ARI Fleet, consignment sales, trailer sales and service, automotive tool rentals, arctic snowplows, and vehicle recycling.

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