World's first electronic respirator sterilising (corona)-viruses of all variants completely by UV-LED-radiation-effected RNA destruction / The "Securer" guarantees maximum safety and comfort

May 12, 2022 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
After two years of intensive research about real coronaviruses, the company SecureAir GmbH presents a groundbreaking new development for healthy air: The "Securer" is the world's first, especially lightweight, electronic respirator not only filtering viruses, but eliminates them by sterilisation through UV-LED-radiation effected RNA destruction , during necessary time.

A highly-qualified team of engineers, technicians, virologists, and business people have cooperated at facilities of the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, to realize their "vision" of a 100% like security about coronaviruses.

Today, SecureAir GmbH is probably the only company in the world that knows exactly how long and at what distance living coronaviruses have to be exposed to which frequency high-power LEDs in order to render them harmless.

The company cooperated with internationally leading manufacturers in order to apply the powerful UV-C-LED-technology to the "killing" of coronaviruses. In addition, a scientifically-based research project was carried out with one of Germany's leading virologists, Professor Dr rer. nat. Brigitte König (Managing Director of MMD GmbH & Co KG , Director of Institute, expert forĄ medical microbiology and infection-immunology", deputy director of Institute for medical microbiology and infection-epidemiology of clinics at university Leipzig, External professor of chair for medical school at university Otto-von-Guericke- in Magdeburg.

Six months of testing with living coronaviruses confirmed the innovative potential of the "Securer": It filters and eliminates viruses completely before and during inhalation and exhalation and thus protects both-, the user and their environment; achieved by two exposure-chambers , enabling air to be inhaled and exhaled. Both contain high-power UV-LEDs and special micro-fans.
Despite, the "Securer" only weights around 200 grams and it can be individually adjusted to the shape of the user's head. The operating time is up to 6-8 hours, extendable by battery pack/power bank.

The "Securer" should be available autumn 2022. SecureAir GmbH is currently looking for technology-partners who would like to produce under license and/or distribute the product, or who prefers to acquire complete technology.

Contact/Information: or +49 171 2 789 664

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